Bedroom, for each of us, is always the most private and peaceful place in the world, where we can rest after a long hard-working day, leaving all the worries and burdens behind. If your bedroom is comfortable and stylish, you will obviously find it easier to enjoy yourself in it as well as to sleep tighter. Besides, decorating your bedroom is also a way of expressing yourself. Thus, it is essential to take special care when considering how to decorate the bedroom most comfortably and properly.

If you are wondering how to give your bedroom a dramatically impressive appearance, then here are some useful tips that we strongly suggest:

 Choose the right wall color

First and foremost, wall color is the decisive factor in setting the whole room’s style. Therefore, choosing the most suitable color for your walls is extremely important as it must be able to not only make you feel good but also help you show your style and attitude.Home bai 1_1

Often, we recommend a subtle color gamut such as light blue, light green, citrine, grey or purple which brings the feelings of airiness and quietness. Or else, you should choose the cozy gamut with flesh-tints, yellowish brown, crocus and beige. Painting these colors can make you feel warmer and easier to get to sleep.

But, we do not always have to use those colors for our bedroom. If you are young and want something wild, you can paint bright, strong colors like red, bright yellow or orange in ombre style. If you want your room look cool, you can even try black. However, remember to ease them down by adding the white color to your furniture as you may need more a peaceful space when you are tucked in bed.Home bai 1_2

What with your blank walls

Your bedroom will look extremely monotonous if you forget decorating your four walls. Only painting them is not enough as you will certainly feel sick and tired of looking at four blank walls every day.

So, for a better look, we suggest you should try hanging a bookshelf on your wall, put on it the books you love, your diary, your favorite albums and  some small mementoes. Moreover, you can stick some jack-horse to your walls, and then put some small flowerpots on them, which will make your room look greener.Home bai 1_3


Also, try hanging some artistic pictures that you are into, your room will definitely  become more modern and romantic. You can hang photos of yourself  or your beloved as a way of marking your own room as well as color it.

A mirror will help very much, especially if your bedroom is small. Your room will look larger and more elegant as a result if you try hanging a mirror on one of your four walls.

Drawing on your walls is also suggested . While looking at the wall pictures , you can slowly and naturally  release  stress after a long day outside.

Don’t forget your ceiling

Bear in mind that the ceiling is the fifth wall of your bedroom. When you lie down on bed, preparing to sleep, thinking about your day or just resting, it is the ceiling that you always look at, so making it beautiful and unique at is of great importance.

Paint it in the color that is tone-sur-tone with your walls, but a little lighter if your walls are in neutral color gamut. If you paint strong color on your wall, a white ceiling with some small drawings will be a great choice.


Home bai 1_4

Remember to make use of chandelier- they look beautiful and help fulfill your ceiling. Pretty hanging ornaments are also highly recommended- choose what suit your taste most and hang them where you feel comfortable.

If you are dreamy enough, drawing a sky with moon and shooting stars or a galaxy with planets and meteorites is always so a cute choice!

Keep it simple

That means you should remove everything you don’t need, especially for your sleep, out of your bedroom. Electronic devices like your TV, your mobile phone, your computer are typical examples. With their tempting functions, they will distract you from getting to sleep. After all, you will never be able to sleep right away easily knowing all those attractive  entertainment means are just around!

Home bai 1_5

Also, you should not have too much furniture in your bedroom. A bed, a dresser and a wardrobe, a bookshelf  hung on the wall and some pretty small ornaments are just enough. Without so much furniture, your bed room will look more spacious.

Finally, to create the most comfortable atmosphere, you should learn how to, naturally, keep your room warm in the winter(5) and cool in the summer(4). That will make you long to come back to your room more and certainly bring you the feelings of restfulness once you step into your bedroom- your very own world.

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