Asian culture lays much faith on the belief that the placement of things in our house greatly affects how our life works. There exists a principle named “Feng Shui”, follow which we can arrange our furniture in order to better not only our rooms’ look but also our health and even our life.

Among many rooms in our house, bedroom is the most private place and the only room we spend time at after a long hard day. Therefore, when decorating our bedroom, we should take serious care. Making it look beautiful (1) is very important but not enough. Besides, we also need to learn how to Feng Shui it- make it one of our luck and health sources.

The bedroom’s shape

Feng Shui says any room can absorb human energy. When we live in a narrow, long, contorted or indented room, our body will emit more energy which easily harms our health.  That’s the reason why we have to choose the most suitable shape for our bedroom, where we spend 1/3 our life in average at.Home bai 2_1

Square is believed to be the best shape for our bedroom as it evokes the feelings of safety, solidity and quietness, which is good for our health. If you cannot find a square bedroom, rectangle rooms is an alternative, but remember the length of the room must not exceed its width too much.

Avoid athwart room as it is believed to be able to create visual illusion as well as redouble the mental burden that we have to bare. In the long run, that will bring us stress and even cause unexpected accidents.

The light

It is mentioned that when our living room need to be brightly shone, our bedroom need far less light to bring the feelings of privacy and coziness. Too bright light in bedroom will make people feel impulsive, quick to anger and depressed.  However, if there is not enough light in the bedroom, the room will look tenebrous, which can make us feel down in the dumb, always worry and cannot get rid of stress.Home bai 2_2

In modern bedroom, it is strongly suggested that shooting lights should be made use of. Shooting light can not only be so an elegant decorating figure but also provide pleasant light for our bedroom. To create a romantic impression, we can also use cozy yellow lights hung on the walls. One thing to remember is that lights should not shine directly to our face so that we can feel comfortable when tucked in bed.

Moreover, natural lights is in need. Try to have a window in your bedroom to better air circulation, which will also help you breath more easily and healthier.

The placement of the door

What your bedroom need the most is the quietness and airiness. The WC, in Feng Shui, is considered the dirtiest place in the house. If WC’s air can directly flow into your bedroom, it can badly affect not only your health but also your luck. So, it is important for you to avoid placing the bedroom’s door opposite to the WC’s.

In case you cannot change the placement of your door, remember to close the WC’s door all the time to prevent bad stuff. You can also hang a convex mirror above the door of the WC so that positive energy in your bedroom cannot be absorbed and eliminated by the WC.

If you have a WC right in your bedroom, you also have to close it all the time.

Where to place your bed

The bed’s head should not be too close to the window. This kind of placement is believed to make insecurity impression, the sleepers are often startled and badly affected by ambience. It is also believed to have an impact on the room owner’s career.

Besides, do not put your bed’s head in the same direction with your stove or opposite the WC. If you do so, the owner of the room- you- may find it difficult to relax, easy to be distracted by the unstable and unhealthy smell and temperature that emit from the stove or the WC. This will easily do harm to your health, especially to your respiratory system.

There should be nothing right above your bed’s head as they create the feelings of oppressiveness. You, in this case, will easily feel stressful and depressed, which negatively affect your daily workings.

What about a mirror?

Home bai 2_3

Well, a mirror is really necessary and it can also make your room look better but remember not to place it opposite to your bed and your door. Feng Shui believes that will make the room owner feel insecurity. For married couples, it creates the illusion of a third person’s existence and can do harm to husband and wife harmony.

If you cannot replace the mirror, just cover it when not in use.

Your furniture…

Choose the furniture (wardrobe, dresser, bookshelf,…) that is not too heavy and has curved shape with smooth, flat surface. Then, put them in the appropriate place with your bed. This will help prevent bad energy flow as well as bring fresh and new energy into your very own bedroom.

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