Summer is very beautiful and worth waiting for because of the long holiday that it promises to bring. However, at the same time, it is hot, sometimes so hot that we cannot stand it. Even if there is some ways that we can resort to when trying to keep our house cool in the summer (4), there are so many cases in which we still have to turn on our air conditioners. But air conditioners use up so much energy and it is also a waste of money if we do not know how to use them improperly.Home bai 3_1.jpg

There the question arises. How can we turn on our air conditioner but save money at the same timee? What are the tips for the most economical use of them? This article will immediately give you the answer.

Where to install your air conditioner

If you place the air conditioner at a hot place, it will have to work much more and consume more energy. Placing your air conditioner at cool place like the West or the North wall of the house will prevent direct sunlight reaching it. The air conditioner will have to work less and therefore, save money.

One more thing to bear in mind when installing the air conditioner is that the outside unit should be placed avoiding source of heat, water or chemical waste. Contine reading