There are many household appliances useful and convenient for families in preparing meals these days. It changed the traditional cooking method into a new standard offering a great, easy and fast way to make delicious and healthy food. An electric pressure cooker is one of them offering much convenience in our modern life nowadays.

Instant-Pot-IP-LUX60Do you wonder that how you can choose the best electric pressure cooker one regarding many brands and price? This article will provide you with the general guide to knowing more about features of an electric pressure cooker so you can make your own decision. It is the basic guide in aiding you to make an informed decision.

First and foremost, what can you do with an electric pressure cooker? There are plenty of cooking methods you can do with this cooker depending design of manufacturers. Let me list down for you here some basically standard features.




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Winter is fast approaching. The air outside is becoming freezing. All we want after a long day out in this cold condition is nothing but to rest in our cozy houses. But, what if our houses are as cold as the atmosphere outside? What can we do if heat does not stop running away from our home?

Well, this article will give you the answers on how to keep your house a warm heaven to which your family members strongly long to come back in the freezing winter coming.

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Keep your doors shut and mind the draughts

First thing to remember if you want to keep your house heated is always having your doors and your windows closed. That will effectively prevent cold air outside moving into your house and warm air running out. If there are rooms that you rarely use, make sure they are closed all the time so that warm air won’t be wasted flowing into those places.

Keep an eye on the draughts in your houses and cover them up. For your keyholes, you can buy some small and cheap keyhole covers. Some sheep’s wool insulation or pieces of blanket can be a perfect choice to fill cat or dog flaps. These small draughts, if fully covered, can save a great deal of heat for your house. Contine reading


Summer always bring us two opposite feelings at the same time: joy because of our long holiday coming and discomfort because of the hot air outside and inside our houses. To avoid the heat of the summer, many people resort to air conditioners. However, air conditioners need a lot of energy to work and thus, using them too often is a terrible waste of money. Therefore, a great many people are finding the way to not only economize their air conditioners’ energy consumption but also cool down their house so that they do not even need to turn them on.

Below are some simple tips we recommend to help you make it!

Treat your doors and windows rightHome bai 4_1

It is a common knowledge that opening the doors and the windows will help better the air circulation of the house, making it more airy and cool. However, if you do not know the most suitable time to open or close your doors and windows, you may end up making your room feel much hotter.  So, bear in mind that you should only open your doors and windows in the early morning and at late night. During day time, you had better shut them all or else hot air will be able to sneak into your loving house! Contine reading