Summer always bring us two opposite feelings at the same time: joy because of our long holiday coming and discomfort because of the hot air outside and inside our houses. To avoid the heat of the summer, many people resort to air conditioners. However, air conditioners need a lot of energy to work and thus, using them too often is a terrible waste of money. Therefore, a great many people are finding the way to not only economize their air conditioners’ energy consumption but also cool down their house so that they do not even need to turn them on.

Below are some simple tips we recommend to help you make it!

Treat your doors and windows rightHome bai 4_1

It is a common knowledge that opening the doors and the windows will help better the air circulation of the house, making it more airy and cool. However, if you do not know the most suitable time to open or close your doors and windows, you may end up making your room feel much hotter.  So, bear in mind that you should only open your doors and windows in the early morning and at late night. During day time, you had better shut them all or else hot air will be able to sneak into your loving house! Contine reading