Summer always bring us two opposite feelings at the same time: joy because of our long holiday coming and discomfort because of the hot air outside and inside our houses. To avoid the heat of the summer, many people resort to air conditioners. However, air conditioners need a lot of energy to work and thus, using them too often is a terrible waste of money. Therefore, a great many people are finding the way to not only economize their air conditioners’ energy consumption but also cool down their house so that they do not even need to turn them on.

Below are some simple tips we recommend to help you make it!

Treat your doors and windows rightHome bai 4_1

It is a common knowledge that opening the doors and the windows will help better the air circulation of the house, making it more airy and cool. However, if you do not know the most suitable time to open or close your doors and windows, you may end up making your room feel much hotter.  So, bear in mind that you should only open your doors and windows in the early morning and at late night. During day time, you had better shut them all or else hot air will be able to sneak into your loving house!

Care your curtains

Research has shown that 30% of the unwanted heat comes from the windows. Hence, the simplest way to prevent heat is to always shut your curtain. Moreover, choose a neutral color gamut for your curtains to avoid thermal radiation getting into the room so that its temperature will always be at a low level.

Avoid using electric utensils

Electric utensils when working will emit heat and therefore make your house hotter. In addition, they increase your electric bills. Therefore, you should try not to turn on too many electric utensils at the same time. One good way to do this is to gather your family in just one room.

Moreover, set up a reasonable cooking schedule to avoid turning on the stove too much, adding more unwanted heat to your house’s atmosphere.

Replace the incandescent bulbs with the compact fluorescent light-bulbsHome bai 4_2.jpg

Incandescent bulbs emit a great amount of unnecessary energy, which not only waste money but also make your house hotter. Therefore, do not hesitate to replace them with compact fluorescent light bulbs. That will not only decrease the house’s temperature but also save money.

Use your fans smartly

Electric fans are in great demand in hot summer and here is a simple tip to make best use of them: put cold ice into a bowl, place the bowl in front of the fan, then turn the fan on and see the result. Cold air coming out from the ice bowl will be blown to all over the room by the fans. The room’s temperature will gradually go down.

Or else, you can buy a steam fan, turn it on and enjoy! Steam fans are considered the best alternative for air conditioners because they consume less energy, 75% less than air conditioners do but can still cool the room effectively. Besides, steam fans can increase the air’s moisture, bringing the feelings of comfort.

Green trees do help

Home bai 4_3

Place pots of green trees and vase of flowers in your house. They can not only act as natural air purifiers but also decorate your house in a fresh, green way.  Moreover, you can grow shrubs or big trees in your garden as well as green climbing plants in the West and the East walls of your house to prevent heat from being absorbed by the walls, increasing the house’s temperature.

Use porous and insulated films

This is a fast, convenient and flexible way to cool down your house without using air conditioner. These materials can prevent heat. All you have to do is choosing the right size and putting them outside the walls that directly receive sunlight during day time.

Change your bed sheets and blankets

If you still want to use the cushion in the summer, you have to choose the most suitable type. One that can be strongly suggested is spring cushions. Thanks to their elasticity, they do not absorb much heat and therefore make your bed cooler.

Remember to often change your bed sheets. This will definitely make you feel cleaner and more comfortable during hot period. Use a thin linen blanket when you sleep as they are feather light and do not absorb heat.

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