Winter is fast approaching. The air outside is becoming freezing. All we want after a long day out in this cold condition is nothing but to rest in our cozy houses. But, what if our houses are as cold as the atmosphere outside? What can we do if heat does not stop running away from our home?

Well, this article will give you the answers on how to keep your house a warm heaven to which your family members strongly long to come back in the freezing winter coming.

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Keep your doors shut and mind the draughts

First thing to remember if you want to keep your house heated is always having your doors and your windows closed. That will effectively prevent cold air outside moving into your house and warm air running out. If there are rooms that you rarely use, make sure they are closed all the time so that warm air won’t be wasted flowing into those places.

Keep an eye on the draughts in your houses and cover them up. For your keyholes, you can buy some small and cheap keyhole covers. Some sheep’s wool insulation or pieces of blanket can be a perfect choice to fill cat or dog flaps. These small draughts, if fully covered, can save a great deal of heat for your house.

Ways to make best use of your curtains

Home bai 5_2Thick curtains are strongly suggested to cover your windows in the winter as it can not only prevent cold air but also keep heat. Therefore, using the thickest curtains you can find in the market and keeping them closed all winter nights will help a lot.

However, remember to open your curtains in daylight. Sunlight can naturally warm  your house. Even in the coldest days, the sun is still hot. So, remember to let its light in for a warmer atmosphere in your loving home.

Care the floors

Research has pointed out that uninsulated floors account for up to 10% of the heat loss at home. Therefore you should pay more attention to your bare floors. Cover them with thick carpets. Like thick curtains,  carpets help preventing heat loss effectively. Also, they warm your feet. Moreover, we cannot deny that they brings the feel of “warm winter” and they can be a great decorating figure for our houses in the winter.Home bai 5_3

If you have the radiator,…

Then we suggest you make use of tinfoil to prevent heat loss.  If you put reflective aluminium tinfoil at the back of your radiator, particularly those attached to external walls, it can prevent heat disappearing through the wall by reflecting it back into the room.

Also, remember to clear your radiator at least once a month because dirt can make it work improperly. Avoid placing large pieces of furniture in front of the radiator  as your furniture will absorb all the heat that come out from the radiator.

Putting a shelf above the radiator, especially if you have high ceilings, can also help channel the warmth. But it’s important not to place things right on the radiator. A shelf above it can stop the hot air rising directly above it.

Don’t forget to take advantage of technical improvements

There is now various technical equipment that helps keeping you warm. You can use the electric blanket when you are in bed, it will keep your bed at the same comfortable temperature all the night despite the cold air outside.

Portable electric space heaters will also be a great choice to keep you warm wherever you are in your house. However, you should pay much attention when choosing one among so many types of electric space heaters nowadays. And, bear in mind these safety tips: Clear a 3-foot zone around the heater, never plug the unit into an extension cord, and remember to turn off and unplug the heater when unused. Using space heaters properly will obviously keep you safe and save your money.Home bai 5_4

Your cooking habits

How you cook your winter food will also affect the amount of heat in your house. Using microwave oven and stove, cooking hot food will help a lot. Heat coming from the microwave oven and your stove will warm your house up immediately. Moreover, eating hot food such as hotpot, toasted chicken or hot chicken soup will not only make you feel warmer but also is a great way of enjoying yourself in this freezing winter.

Finally, remember to wear enough clothes, protect your health, eat fully so that the winter may become your most favorite season in the year! Have a cozy winter!

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