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Sewing is gaining its popularity again these days when many people nowadays show much interest in fashion and particularly sewing not only for fun but also other purposes. People start focusing on creating and decoration for their clothes, their home decor objects and basic quilts. All-purpose sewing machine with high quality and modernized features born makes people much satisfied with easier and faster tasks. Sewing machines are divided into three categories: sewing machine for beginners, sewing machine for intermediate sewers, and sewing machine for advanced sewers.

If you want to enjoy the accomplishment of making your own clothing or even modifying something in your wardrobe, start out by choosing for yourself a sewing machine for beginners.

However, you may get lost in the world of sewing machines and have no idea about the suitable one with you. There are thousands of models from different manufacturers. It is not simple as it sounds. But don’t worry. This article will give you the most general idea for you to narrow down your search in the current sewing machine market.

How does a sewing machine work? Generally, it is quite simple. There is a small motor with a casting around operating by a shaft with a needle attached which will form stitches to sew fabric together. A standard sewing machine has a spool of thread attached on the machine top. This thread is threaded through a needle. The smaller spool of thread is under the needle. The machine works by making the threaded needle go through the fabric and catch the bobbin thread to pull it back through the fabric. A stitch is formed then. There are many different stitches such as straight stitch (which is most basic and common), zigzag stitch (which is for stretchy knits or raw edges of seams finishing).


There are two types: traditional manual sewing machine and computerized one. Each type has its own advantages.

The manual sewing machine is the classic one which doesn’t have many other versions but suitable for a beginner. It is a good start out to use this instead of complicated and expensive machines with 40 stitches or 8 different buttonholes, especially to youngsters. It is advised by designers and sewing teachers that manual machine at a lower price point is more reliable and with higher quality.

Computerized sewing machine, on the other hand, is more various in options handling more complicated tasks. You will find a suitable one on your budget for the long term and expert use.Although you see that manual sewing is cheaper, using them requires you a good overall basic skill to carry out effectively preventing accidental damage sometimes. Opt to an automatic one is much more convenient but it costs you more on a budget.

So what is the best sewing machine for beginners?

There are some important features of a sewing machine you should consider when looking for before making a decision.


A good sewing machine is to provide you various stitching options up to 100 stitches and some buttonhole alternatives.There are dozens of models offering you this at the entry-level you can use to create a fashion of your own style. The only thing that matters is feeding the material in time and at the right place for an outstanding result.

You will also need to see that the sewing machine is able to operate at your controlling speed by pressing the foot pedal which technically acts like an accelerator of a car. A good one is to let you keep or set that speed with a touch or button instead because mistakes are common by handily controlling the speed by your own. The machine should be to let you sew at the wanted speed until you stop.

Sewing machines range from low to high price with different brands and quality. Most are with affordable price to help you perform basic sewing you want or need. Many machines are quoted at a higher price will effectively help you to start developing skills. These expensive options show to be a good investment if you are willing to spend time with sewing and upgrading sewing skills.

Many people think that recent sewing machines are at a lower quality with parts being made of plastic rather than the old ones being made of metal. However, there are other opinions that this is to make the machine less heavy and easy to move around.

After all, you don’t need to spend a big sum of money to invest in an expensive sewing machine just now. All machines performed basic tasks very well. Start out with an affordable machine included straightforward instructions and you can use it right then.

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