Computer sewing machine BROTHER CS6000i

According to many serger reviews, the sewing machine Brother CS6000i is one of the most popular models available today. However, besides advantages, it also points out many disadvantages. You should follow the following article to get the most objective look before you decide to invest in this machine.

BROTHER CS6000i serger


  • One-step buttonholes: although buttonholes are not difficult, they are very time-consuming. However, with computerized Brother sewing machine CS6000i, buttonholes will not take much time. The machine can automatically in a single step, therefore, buttonholing is extremely simple.
  • Flexibility Sewing: whether cotton, thick cotton or fleece fabrics, this sewing machine still is a reasonable choice. If you want to make clothing for your family in all four seasons, why do you hesitate?
  • Seven buttonhole styles: These units not only with simple but unique with different buttonhole styles.


Small LCD Screen is a weakness of BROTHER CS6000i Serger

  • Small LCD Screen: The small LCD screen is a weakness of this model. Small screen makes it become useless.
  • No embroidery function: The colorful or funny embroidery colorful will not be available in this machine. So if you want your clothes be highlighted with embroidery, this is not a suitable option.


The point

For those in need of a good quality sewing machine, but the budget is limited, Brother CS6000i can be key. In addition, to some users say workspace too narrow, too dim lighting, the design is too thin or too limited flexibility, this machine has a lot to be proud of. With an LCD screen, 60 stitches, a walking foot, and adjustable speed control, unfortunately, the features of CS6000i too good for the price of the machine several times over, and earned high praise from hundreds of owners organic.


Works on computers mean fewer mistakes, better results. Brother is a durable CS6000i and reliable, users say, and thanks to his work computer, they report fewer mistakes and get accurate results. As Kathleen Huddy, director of the Institute of Textile Research Services explains, if you start with something like a fumble and set the parts are incorrect, an error message will appear, saving you from a huge mistake with your fabric. Alternatively pointed out that when you change the stitches, the display tells you to use presser foot. A few people commented that production vibrators or uneven stitches, and some complain that it is prone to congestion or broken needles, especially with the heavier weight fabrics. However, most – including instructors and professional tailors sewing – said machine beautifully done with a series of simple projects and complex, ranging from clothing and blankets and clothes to crafts.

Easy to use

Easy to use and easy to move. Many experts and consumers say Brother Sewing CS6000i making becomes fun. Many praise its LCD screen, and some people call this screen as one guidebook. Many skilled tailors say that using this machine saves time for some complex products. Its compact design and carrying case make it easy to transport, according to many users.

Some owners send usability complaints, although some delicate machine and some say light in the workspace can be bright. Warning users that set CS6000i lost its final stages when it is turned off, so if you stop working in the middle part, you may want to make note of sewing you are using.


Quieter than the plant it replaces. There are very few comments concerning noise for Brother CS6000i, although most of the sewing machine do not receive significant feedback in this area. Some users say quiet machine, and one said that this model is quieter than the old CS6000i Brother line has been replaced. A handful of owners report great activities and a mention of “strange noises”, but these sounds are often attributed to malfunctioning machine.

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