How you marinate your food quickly with a vacuum seal machine?

When you are preparing the food to cook, the important step of this process is to marinate the food. In order to make your favorite dish of tantalizing vegetables or red meat, marinating is an essential step to cook the tastiest and most delicious dish. You can use the zip lock bags to hold the food but the most effective method is to use the food vacuum sealer. The vacuum seal machine can make sure that your vegetables and meat are soaked and coated sufficiently before cooking.

An ideal machine for the process of keeping your food cuts more juicy and fresh is foodsaver gamesaver deluxe vacuum sealing kit. The next time when you are preparing a meal that need to marinate quickly, you can plug this machine in.

Choose the Perfect spices

Before you begin the process of marinating, you should choose the favorite sauce to coat the food. If you want to make your own spices from scratch, you should choose a sauce that brings the best flavors of your food in hand. With some people who do not want to make a complicated sauce, you can pick one of the simplest sauces of Bon Appetit. This sauce is very easy, quick and tasty to prepare. You can make this sauce with lemon juice, vinegar and olive oil in one second.

If you are too lazy, you can pick your favorite sauce from the supermarket. After you choose the best marinade for the food, you open the vacuum seal bags gently and pour the food in the bags. For some kinds of food such as meat, poultry… you should cut it into small pieces. By this way, the marinade will cover most of the food. You can add the suggested amount of spices to the containers. This amount may change depending on the kinds of food you are cooking. However, you should use enough spices to cover your food entirely.

Seal with many Cares

In the digest of vacuum seal machine, it is said that you should keep the lip of your bags far away from the liquid. This is an essential thing to make sure that the process of sealing works normally. After you clear the open edge of the bag, you should leave at least a space 1 inch between the seal and marinade. The vacuum seal machine will close this empty space.

After you close the bag completely, you place this bag in the fridge for around 30 minutes or more. If you leave the bag in the refrigerator for longer time, the meat and vegetables will be soaked and coated in the marinade completely. If you want to finish the process of marinating quickly, you can take the food out after half an hour. With the tender meat, you should keep it in the fridge for at least 1 to 2 hours.

I have just introduced to you 2 methods of marinating the food. Now you can know another usage of the vacuum seal machine. This machine is used not only to preserve the food but also to marinate the food. You can use this tip in your pantry and prepare a tasty meal for your family.If you want to get many benefits of the vacuum seal machine, you should purchase one machine for your family. In other topics, I will show you some of other usages of the vacuum seal machine. If you find my article is useful for you, you can share and introduce it to your friends as well as your family.

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