Computer sewing machine BROTHER CS6000i

According to many serger reviews, the sewing machine Brother CS6000i is one of the most popular models available today. However, besides advantages, it also points out many disadvantages. You should follow the following article to get the most objective look before you decide to invest in this machine.

BROTHER CS6000i serger


  • One-step buttonholes: although buttonholes are not difficult, they are very time-consuming. However, with computerized Brother sewing machine CS6000i, buttonholes will not take much time. The machine can automatically in a single step, therefore, buttonholing is extremely simple.
  • Flexibility Sewing: whether cotton, thick cotton or fleece fabrics, this sewing machine still is a reasonable choice. If you want to make clothing for your family in all four seasons, why do you hesitate?
  • Seven buttonhole styles: These units not only with simple but unique with different buttonhole styles.

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How you marinate your food quickly with a vacuum seal machine?

When you are preparing the food to cook, the important step of this process is to marinate the food. In order to make your favorite dish of tantalizing vegetables or red meat, marinating is an essential step to cook the tastiest and most delicious dish. You can use the zip lock bags to hold the food but the most effective method is to use the food vacuum sealer. The vacuum seal machine can make sure that your vegetables and meat are soaked and coated sufficiently before cooking.

An ideal machine for the process of keeping your food cuts more juicy and fresh is foodsaver gamesaver deluxe vacuum sealing kit. The next time when you are preparing a meal that need to marinate quickly, you can plug this machine in.

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1437233978_with memory

Sewing is gaining its popularity again these days when many people nowadays show much interest in fashion and particularly sewing not only for fun but also other purposes. People start focusing on creating and decoration for their clothes, their home decor objects and basic quilts. All-purpose sewing machine with high quality and modernized features born makes people much satisfied with easier and faster tasks. Sewing machines are divided into three categories: sewing machine for beginners, sewing machine for intermediate sewers, and sewing machine for advanced sewers.

If you want to enjoy the accomplishment of making your own clothing or even modifying something in your wardrobe, start out by choosing for yourself a sewing machine for beginners. Contine reading


There are a lot of woodworking operations a router table can handle.Moreover, the types of router bits are also very various strictly designed for a router table. As plentiful options for a router table, finding the best router table for your project, therefore, depends much on your skill level, budget and woodworking style.Take a deeper understanding about them and make a right choice before executing any wood projects.

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There are many household appliances useful and convenient for families in preparing meals these days. It changed the traditional cooking method into a new standard offering a great, easy and fast way to make delicious and healthy food. An electric pressure cooker is one of them offering much convenience in our modern life nowadays.

Instant-Pot-IP-LUX60Do you wonder that how you can choose the best electric pressure cooker one regarding many brands and price? This article will provide you with the general guide to knowing more about features of an electric pressure cooker so you can make your own decision. It is the basic guide in aiding you to make an informed decision.

First and foremost, what can you do with an electric pressure cooker? There are plenty of cooking methods you can do with this cooker depending design of manufacturers. Let me list down for you here some basically standard features.




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Winter is fast approaching. The air outside is becoming freezing. All we want after a long day out in this cold condition is nothing but to rest in our cozy houses. But, what if our houses are as cold as the atmosphere outside? What can we do if heat does not stop running away from our home?

Well, this article will give you the answers on how to keep your house a warm heaven to which your family members strongly long to come back in the freezing winter coming.

Home bai 5_1

Keep your doors shut and mind the draughts

First thing to remember if you want to keep your house heated is always having your doors and your windows closed. That will effectively prevent cold air outside moving into your house and warm air running out. If there are rooms that you rarely use, make sure they are closed all the time so that warm air won’t be wasted flowing into those places.

Keep an eye on the draughts in your houses and cover them up. For your keyholes, you can buy some small and cheap keyhole covers. Some sheep’s wool insulation or pieces of blanket can be a perfect choice to fill cat or dog flaps. These small draughts, if fully covered, can save a great deal of heat for your house. Contine reading


Summer always bring us two opposite feelings at the same time: joy because of our long holiday coming and discomfort because of the hot air outside and inside our houses. To avoid the heat of the summer, many people resort to air conditioners. However, air conditioners need a lot of energy to work and thus, using them too often is a terrible waste of money. Therefore, a great many people are finding the way to not only economize their air conditioners’ energy consumption but also cool down their house so that they do not even need to turn them on.

Below are some simple tips we recommend to help you make it!

Treat your doors and windows rightHome bai 4_1

It is a common knowledge that opening the doors and the windows will help better the air circulation of the house, making it more airy and cool. However, if you do not know the most suitable time to open or close your doors and windows, you may end up making your room feel much hotter.  So, bear in mind that you should only open your doors and windows in the early morning and at late night. During day time, you had better shut them all or else hot air will be able to sneak into your loving house! Contine reading


Summer is very beautiful and worth waiting for because of the long holiday that it promises to bring. However, at the same time, it is hot, sometimes so hot that we cannot stand it. Even if there is some ways that we can resort to when trying to keep our house cool in the summer (4), there are so many cases in which we still have to turn on our air conditioners. But air conditioners use up so much energy and it is also a waste of money if we do not know how to use them improperly.Home bai 3_1.jpg

There the question arises. How can we turn on our air conditioner but save money at the same timee? What are the tips for the most economical use of them? This article will immediately give you the answer.

Where to install your air conditioner

If you place the air conditioner at a hot place, it will have to work much more and consume more energy. Placing your air conditioner at cool place like the West or the North wall of the house will prevent direct sunlight reaching it. The air conditioner will have to work less and therefore, save money.

One more thing to bear in mind when installing the air conditioner is that the outside unit should be placed avoiding source of heat, water or chemical waste. Contine reading


Asian culture lays much faith on the belief that the placement of things in our house greatly affects how our life works. There exists a principle named “Feng Shui”, follow which we can arrange our furniture in order to better not only our rooms’ look but also our health and even our life.

Among many rooms in our house, bedroom is the most private place and the only room we spend time at after a long hard day. Therefore, when decorating our bedroom, we should take serious care. Making it look beautiful (1) is very important but not enough. Besides, we also need to learn how to Feng Shui it- make it one of our luck and health sources.

The bedroom’s shape

Feng Shui says any room can absorb human energy. When we live in a narrow, long, contorted or indented room, our body will emit more energy which easily harms our health.  That’s the reason why we have to choose the most suitable shape for our bedroom, where we spend 1/3 our life in average at.Home bai 2_1

Square is believed to be the best shape for our bedroom as it evokes the feelings of safety, solidity and quietness, which is good for our health. If you cannot find a square bedroom, rectangle rooms is an alternative, but remember the length of the room must not exceed its width too much. Contine reading


Bedroom, for each of us, is always the most private and peaceful place in the world, where we can rest after a long hard-working day, leaving all the worries and burdens behind. If your bedroom is comfortable and stylish, you will obviously find it easier to enjoy yourself in it as well as to sleep tighter. Besides, decorating your bedroom is also a way of expressing yourself. Thus, it is essential to take special care when considering how to decorate the bedroom most comfortably and properly.

If you are wondering how to give your bedroom a dramatically impressive appearance, then here are some useful tips that we strongly suggest:

 Choose the right wall color

First and foremost, wall color is the decisive factor in setting the whole room’s style. Therefore, choosing the most suitable color for your walls is extremely important as it must be able to not only make you feel good but also help you show your style and attitude.Home bai 1_1

Often, we recommend a subtle color gamut such as light blue, light green, citrine, grey or purple which brings the feelings of airiness and quietness. Or else, you should choose the cozy gamut with flesh-tints, yellowish brown, crocus and beige. Painting these colors can make you feel warmer and easier to get to sleep.

But, we do not always have to use those colors for our bedroom. If you are young and want something wild, you can paint bright, strong colors like red, bright yellow or orange in ombre style. If you want your room look cool, you can even try black. However, remember to ease them down by adding the white color to your furniture as you may need more a peaceful space when you are tucked in bed. Contine reading