The Global addiction-Smartphones

Smartphones are the phones with advanced technology and computing ability than any other. In today’s world where Technology is so fast and forward and we are connected to each other regardless how many miles we stay away from each other, smartphones plays very vital role in it.

Early smartphones only contained digital camera, GPS navigation and media player. But today’s smartphones are touchscreen and does have many more features in it.

Evolution of Smartphone:


The device that contains telephone features and computing features where conceptualized in 1973, and were introduced in market for sale from 1993. In 1997, for the first time this phone were termed as Smartphones. The first Phone to incorporate the PDAs feature was IBM prototype developed in 1992, and were running on the operation system as Palm OS or WindowsCE/ pocket PC.  Later on this kind of operating system were known as mobile operating .

There are so many mobile operating system used in smartphones till now. Some of the popular mobile operating system are as below:

  • Firefox OS
  • blackberry OS
  • Bada
  • Sailfish OS
  • Palm OS
  • Symbain
  • windows mobile
  • iOS
  • Android

From all the above mobile operating system, iOS and Android are two famous operating system that is used in most of the Smartphones nowadays.

Android- the operating system

Android is the operating system based on Linux kernel and user interface which is widely used for the touch screen devices. It was first developed in 2003 . Now Android is developed by Google with its lastest feature. Android Green figure was given by Google in 2007.


Android user interface is based on direct manipulation using tapping, swapping the on-screen objects and virtual keyboard.androids home screen is made up of app icons and widgets. The home screen in Android can be made up of several pages and user can swipe up and back when required. The Android screen is customisable so the user can adjust the look according to their taste.

Android provides the facility to rum applications which changes the default launcher.Android device are operated with the battery, but it designed in a such a way that it keeps power consumption at minimum. When the app is no longer in use the system will automatically suspend it in memory, so the suspended app consumes on resources but still technically it is open. This is how it manages to save the power.

The main Hardware for Android is 32 bit ARMv7 archtitecture. the lack of after sale support from manufactures has been widely criticized by the consumers.

Software stack of Android:


Android application is run on sandbox, which is a isolated area of the system that doesnt have any access to rest of the resources unless the permission is granted by user when the application is installed.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Nowadays there is competition going on between the smartphones manufacturing company. They just want deliver best to the customer. Lets talk about the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S5.



Samsung Galaxy S5 is andriod supported phone designed by Samsung.It is build with interesting specification in it such as its design and hardware. S5 screen is 5.1-inch which is slightly bigger than the old model S4. The S5 includes 16 megapixel camera which offers 4K video recording.It comes phase detection,auto focus technology,real time HRD photos and image sensor with Samsung’s Isocell technology. The Samsung Galaxy S5 contains 2800 mAh battery. Its software also contains  ultra power saving mode to extend its life further. The company Claims that with the ultra power saving mode battery life of 10% can last upto 24 hours in stand by mode which is plus point for users.

It comes with Android and Samsung’s Touchwiz software. S5 contains number of new feature which is not there in the previous version. It has fingerprint detector in it. So user can use fingerprint to unlock their phone. The S5 also allows the private mode option in the new release which allow user to hide some app and some important file.And the Camera application in the new is updated so the user can edit the photos after taking it.

iOS 7 VS iOS 8

After the revelation of iOS 8 in its world wide developer conference, there are so many features in the operating system which is very different and unique from iOS7. But lets just find out what makes    iOS 8 different from the current one.

The top on the chart for the comparison is NOTIFICATION:

At first, it looks like iOS 8 is very similar to iOS 7, but they Apple has designed it in the unique way so it can be very easy to use. Notification in the new iOS is very interactive, that means straight from the notification banner you can reply text messages, deal with reminders, answer your facebook messages with opening the particular app

The Second important feature of iOS 8 which makes it different from iOS 7 is its home button task switcher. With iOS 7 apple did improve task switching process by double tapping the home button and allowing the user to jump on to which app they want. With iOS 8 apple has refined that feature for the user.


Keyboard settings is iOS 8 is very different than that of iOS 7. The new operating system will now user to use different kind of keyboards such as swiftkey.But in iOS 7 user can only use the in-built keyboard.

The new operating system will include iCloud  Drive, which will help user to store more data on the iCloud. However, one has to pay if they want to use more than 5MB of space. This feature is not available in iOS7.

The next amazing feature of iOS 8 that differs from iOS 7 is Spotlight search.It is made easier to access

iOS 8- features and compatability

The most awaited operating system for APPLE product is revealed, soon somewhere in September it will available to all the users. Talking about the compatibility, iOS 8 will only supported iPhone 4s or newer version and ipad 2 or newer version of it. Unlike iOS 7 it will not support the iphone 4 version. Ipod 5th generation will support the new iOS. Both the Ipads, mini and mini 2 will work on new iOS.

Moving on to the new features that we are going to see in the iOS 8 are:

Touch ID for all : All the apps will be using bio-metric scanning instead of passcodes. This is going to apply only for 5s for now but ipad air2 and iPhone 6 releasing later will have the same features. The fact of Touch ID is that iOS 8 is slated to scan all the credit cards and debit cards via iPhone camera or Ipad camera and fill all the details automatically in the columns,this will make online shopping very easy.

SMS and voice calls on Mac: iOS 8 will bring the SMS and Voice call service for iPads and Mac just like imessage service for IPhone.

Group messages with voice and video calls:Group messages is also enhanced for the iOS8 with some new features. Now you can add and drop people from the conversation and can mute the non stop incoming message via Do not disturb attribute in the group.You can also share your location with your friends for set period of time.

Quick type keyboard : Apple claims that iOS 8 is having smartest ever keyboard with Quicktype feature in it.

iCloud Drive : With all the different features apple launches iOS8 with the iCloud Drive feature which actually help you in storing your information. But till will still cost you money for saving for than 5GB of information on the drive.

Family sharing: iOS 8 intoduces the new feature of Family sharing in which all the ibooks, itunes and app store purchase on the same credit card can be shared by the members of family.

Siri and Spot light updates: Siri is going to be better listener in iOS 8 with voice recognition streaming.Other important features included are health app and home kit.