NJMCDirect Now Online Payment Procedure

Yess….!!!! Got a ticket in New Jersey and are you in a need to pay for it? If yes, then there’s no need to worry about because you have NJMCDirect here. It is really very very irritating mostly to have a trip out to make a payment in the person and the one who desires to wait in those specific and tiring lines. *Pheww* I now that you actually agrees with me. You can have this by mail but for that you will waste a stamp and also check, so as far till now, online is the perfect option till yet.


One of the only downside is the fee of convenience that is $2 but according to me or as per my opinion, this online fee system is seriously unfair to me as you are now making the in person lines less and this lessening the bureaucratic work load that is by minimizing their in-person and also the paperwork load. But this is really very awkward as the government sees it as a way of easy money and it might be what they have high website upkeep fees, this is something no one knows about.

Details Of The Payment

Payment OptionsOnline, Mail, In-Person
Online Convenience Fee$2
You’ll needTicket, License Plate, Credit Card, Court ID
LocationNew Jersey

How to Pay your Ticket using NJMCDirect

Go to the NJMCdirect Website Homepage.

You’ll need the Following information Handy to pay :

What You Need To Pay Online
Your Ticket
Your License Plate #
Your Credit Card #
The Municipal Court Code ID

Home Screen Of NJMCDirect

This is what the home screen looks like :

NJMCdirect homepage

Let me assure you that  the page is just like this, if you are not finding this like this then probably you are on the wrong site.

After entering in the website, now, you have to insert the information that is required in the table above. After inserting all of it, you have to submit the payment and you should also be satisfying.

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