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There are now almost more than 350,000 UPC employees or the users that are known as Upsers who are currently working in the various departments. In case you are one of those many of the employees, you would have access to the UPS platform that is for the employees that are present at With the help of this account usage, the employee would be able to manage it’s information, and also the Upsers Login schedule very easily in an online way. For the access to your Upsers Login account, you should be needing to finishing the employee login procedure provided in the article guide below.

This guide is surely provided with the instructions for the Upsers login process. with the following steps mentioned here below, you would be directed with the platform with the access or the login guide.

Upsers login

Step By Step Guide For Upsers Login

Here if you are using the login for the very first time, then you should have this in your mind that you have to register an account first. Just before the movement, you have to first acquire an employee user ID of UPSers and it’s password. Your user ID would be the same as your employee ID.

The non-permanent password would be the very first two letters of your last name and the 4 number of your employee ID :

  • In the start, visit the login portal and you will have the Upsers Login Portal at
  • After that choose your language, whether you are interested to use it in English or any other language.
  • Then you have to write your user ID, this would be received from your HR department.
  • Give them your password.
  • Now, you have to complete the login process. by clicking on the “Log In” button for the account.

Login For Users Abroad

  • Visit the login portal at the website
  • Insert your User ID and then type your PIN.
  • Tap on the Log In button.

Mobile Upsers Login Guide

  • Open the website while accessing it from mobile.
  • Now in the very first blank insert your user ID.
  • And after that insert your password for the login menu.
  • Now, tap Login for the validation of information.

Contact Information

In case of the query, you can contact us through the main UPS website, or to the UPS careers website,

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