The Best Ways to Promote Your Business without a Website

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How to Promote Your Business without Relying on a Business Website.

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Is it possible to promote your business without a website? Yes! Learn how in this post sharing the best marketing strategies unbound from having a site.

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Promote your business

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Websites are the backbone of a strong online presence.

It allows businesses to connect with a whole army of customers. In this day and age, they are surely keen on using the internet to find products and services.

Alas, developing a site can blow the budget of a small business in no time. It’s also not the end game of modern marketing.

Namely, there are many other avenues you can take. They don’t poke big holes in your cash flow or consume a ton of time. Yet, when executed right, they improve your bottom line.

Here are the best HTML-independent tactics to promote your business starting today.

Get Active on Social Media

Social media is a booming marketing landscape for SMBs.

The exposure and reach major networks offer are unmatched. And the options run far beyond the most popular hub in the world, Facebook.

Instagram is a go-to platform for product promotion. YouTube is the king of video marketing. On the other hand, LinkedIn represents a no-brainer for B2B brands.

Setting up profiles comes for free, albeit content production incurs ongoing costs. Still, it’s more than worth it. You’re able to get your messages in front of a huge audience.

You can also deploy advertising campaigns with Facebook Ads or YouTube Ads. For maximum impact, make sure to dig into data and target properly.

Start Blogging

Having a blog gives you a powerful platform for content marketing.

The beauty of it is consumers adore brands who post on relevant topics. This activity can be much more effective than bombarding people with ads. Even more so if you keep your blog fresh with new content and enrich the text with visuals.

As a bonus, you will improve your organic ranking and show up in results more often. These SEO points you score will stick with you for the long-term.

It’s advisable to employ a reputable CMS in the league of WordPress. It enables you to set up a fully-functioning blog hassle-free. You can delight readers and build meaningful relationships with them.

Utilize Free Google Tools

The number of Google searches with local intent is constantly rising. This is how most consumers will stumble upon you. Hence, ‘Google My Business’ is an excellent tool for local business promotion. It gives you a chance to list your business and improve visibility.

An additional benefit of registering for this service is a presence on ‘Google Maps’. This tool is great for steering people seeking directions your way. Just make sure you fill in all the information accurately.

Finally, ‘Google for Retail Business’ poses third, must-consider addition to the arsenal. Here, you can list your inventory and initiate shopping campaigns. The main goal is to spur more sales.

Email Marketing

When it comes to marketing ROI, email remains a frontrunner.

This channel is commonly used to maximize both customer retention and acquisition. These two processes are a lifeline of any modern brand.

So, begin gathering consumer data (such as demographics) and put together a segmented list. Send highly personalized event-based emails and newsletter. Notice you’re better off providing information than unleashing a flurry of sales pitches. Think in terms of special discounts, giveaways, or upcoming offer updates.

To improve your effectiveness further, select the right email marketing solution. There are many options here, so do your research. Check out this PieSync post comparing Mailchimp and Constant Content.

Go Traditional Style

Traditional marketing is still alive and kicking.

It encapsulates a wide array of cost-effective strategies. For example, you can attend business meetings, workshops, and events in your local ecosystem.

They are an amazing networking opportunity. You can also meet a lot of resellers and potential customers there.

These are all chances to showcase your products or expertise in a formal enjoinment. Feel free to give a speech as well—demonstrate your niche credibility. Lastly, get active in your community to generate goodwill. Support local charitable causes, nonprofits, sports teams, and schools. You will spur positive word of mouth and improve your image.

Promote Your Business the Smart Way

Websites are not the only digital real estate worth acquiring. Opportunities to promote your business abound, so it’s not like you need just one home. For example, you cannot go wrong making waves in social media and blogosphere.

They put you in a position to share great content to drive engagement. But, don’t overlook traditional marketing opportunities with local focus either.

Ultimately, you need to prioritize tactics based on your specific business case. In other words, be where your audience is and wants you to see.

Check out our featured posts for more tech insights. It’s time to mix up your marketing strategy and outpace the competition.

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