Top 5 Western Fonts

The wild west is known for many things, but beautiful, unique writing isn’t one of them. Sadly, one has to say, because, throughout the years, there have been many iconic fonts and typefaces that have been used for wanted posters or addons on salon walls. Every attraction in that era had its way of attracting viewers, and some of them, like the many travelling entertainers of the circus, came up with their banners with unique typefaces.

  • Pistol Grip Pump font

The old wild west was a rough place. A lot of dirt, bleached colorless clothes that have been stained and colored by the vast desert and dust. If there was one font that shows what it would be like to ride through the desert or a canyon, it is the Pistol Grip Pump. With its fine serif letters, it also features letters with holes, like they have been shot or a few letters where the serif faints into the distance, much like a hero in a standard western would at the end of the movie. It is the perfect font for any wannabe cowboy or a years-long fan of the late, great Duke, John Wayne. Even if the letters just scream Clint Eastwood in one of his western spaghetti phases.

  • Edamame Western font

Another serif like the font on our list of the top 5 western fonts, this font took inspiration from the real font used in many wanted posters during that period. Even if the font used on the posters isn’t the same as the one in the movies, this font is a joy to behold, like many other Western fonts on Its letters are a unique combination of bold and thin. It features some of the largest serifs on a font possible. The serifs are also the only part of the font that is round. The other, usually round letters, are here represented as a combination of 4 or so straight lines. They feel large, heavy, like how the nasty deeds lay heavily on the minds of the felons portrayed on wanted posters.

  • Heffer font

The third entry on our list, the Heffer font, uses the same inspiration as the Edamame Western font, but it puts its unique spin on it. It makes the relation of the letter lines to the serifs even more extreme. The serifs are more like a cube than a circle in this font, as well. It also adds a bit needed curve to the previous font, which was very geometrical. Much like the majority of the men who served as cowboys during that time, the letters are scrawny looking. One might think that they will fall apart, but they are sturdier than one might think.

  • Great Band font

Another font that took inspiration from western movies, this time the spaghetti western of Sergio Leone. The majority of the letters, much like the characters in Leone’s films, are fading away. It is as if you were unsure if the letters will make it alive until the end of the sentence. You never knew what the day would bring or if you will see the sunrise tomorrow. The fading letters in this font encapsulate that better than anything else.

  • Cold Brew font

The last entry on our list is one of the more imperfect looking fonts if one is to judge it by beauty alone. But what it lacks in beauty it has in authenticity. The many signs that were made in the wild west were made by men and women who could barely write. Their hands were uneducated and also ever so tired. That means that it is only natural that their side would slip and make the letter awkward. The letters this font has makes it one of the most authentic western fonts out there.

This concludes our list of the five best western fonts. When you love the wild west or are just a fan of western as a movie genre, you have to pick up a few fonts and get that final step closer to being a complete fan. IF you can’t be John Wayne, you sure as hell can replicate his wanted poster from a couple of movies using fonts.

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