4 Tips to Make Your Instax Photos Perfect

With the rise of digital cameras in the 00s, and then the camera phone taking over as the most common way we take pictures in 2019, printing photos has become something of a novelty. We’ve all spent time looking through old photo albums, which can be one of the best ways to find out about a relative’s past. Printed photos are beginning to become more popular again, though, in the form of instant photography. Instant cameras take a photo and then print it onto a polaroid ready to look at in seconds, and they are gaining popularity fast. The technology is now getting much cheaper, but each photo can still cost around $1 per image, so you need to be careful that you get the best shots.

Stand back from the camera

The first tip to get the best shots from your instant camera is to hold it further away from that you would with your camera phone. This is because the size of the lens of these cameras is quite small, and the distance that it focuses on is between 30-60 cm. This means the ideal distance to hold the camera away from you is about an arm’s length. If you don’t do this, then you may find that you’re cut out of the shot. If you’re looking for the best polaroid camera, then take a look at this list, and think about what you’ll be using your camera for the most to make the best choice for you.

…but not too far.

While you may need to stand a bit further back to get that perfect selfie, make sure not to stand too far back! As your photo is printed directly out of the camera itself, the photos are limited in size. This means if the object you’re shooting is too far away, it will become challenging to see what’s in the photo. If you’re taking pictures of people, then around six feet is the best distance you should be shooting from.

Watch your fingers.

Something we’ve probably all seen on older photos is the classic finger covering the corner of the photoshoot. This is actually very easy to do on an instant camera, as the viewfinder isn’t linked to the lens as you’re used to on a phone camera. If you aren’t careful, it can be easy to have a finger sneak into the shot and create a nice dark corner in your printed photo.

Watch your flash.

Another thing to be careful of is that you aren’t blocking the flash. This is needed for most instant cameras to make sure you’re getting as much light onto the subject as possible to get the best shot. Stray fingers that aren’t used to the build of the camera can easily sneak onto the flash, so make sure to be careful! Take a look at the camera as you’re holding it to ensure that both the lens and the flash aren’t covered.

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