The Top 4 Fundraising Apps for Sports Teams and Associations

Fundraising is not a particularly easy job, even today, but thanks to the internet, it sure is a lot easier to manage, promote and receive payments than before. The modern sports-oriented applications and platforms on the other hand, have gone a step further to added mobility and ease of use to modern fundraising tools.

So, if you have the need to raise money for your sports team or association, here’s a list of the top five apps that will let you take advantage of all modern features and turn your fundraising event into a huge success.


The Facebook fundraiser tools are highly effective when a page or a person has enough followers to make a significant impact via the social media channel’s fundraising platform.

You can easily turn all the followers of your team’s/association’s page into potential contributors, by adding a Donate button to the page. Given the wide popularity of Facebook and the somewhat recent waiver of transaction fees by the social media giant, it’s a must-have tool in your arsenal. You won’t need to download a separate app for the fundraising efforts either, because the main mobile app supports all of the features.


To give a proper direction to your primary fundraising campaign, use FlipGive for sports fundraising across all genres. It’s one of the leading app-based platforms in the US for raising money online for athletes, sports teams, sports associations, and individual sportsmen/sportswomen. The dedicated platform is specially designed to aid the needs of the sports/athletics community with a proper interface, amazing cash backs and event ideas that are specific to each campaign. Not only does it help users by connecting them to the right people, but it also has embedded social media elements as well.


Instagram is, of course, owned by Facebook, but it’s a more popular social media platform among certain age groups than Facebook is, at the moment.

If you or anyone relevant to the cause has a big following on Instagram, use the brand new donation friendly features of Instagram to run a successful fundraising campaign, with the app’s Donation Stickers. Just like Facebook, you only need the application to use all features, and downloading a separate app is not necessary here.

Google One Today

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, to use Google’s own One Today donation app, you will have to install the dedicated app onto your smartphone or tablet first. As it is with anything that involves Google, the opportunities are massive here, even though the basic mantra of here is about changing the world with $1 donations at a time.

Keep in mind that apps that are specifically meant for catering to the fundraising needs of athletes, sports teams and associated organizations in particular, is what you should prioritize. That is because the platform matters and the interface plays a huge role in determining whether a potential contributor will be interested or not. Promotions via Facebook, Instagram, Google and other universal channels will still be necessary, but your primary campaign needs a proper face that’s particularly suited to the nature of the campaign.

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