Make Your Home Colourful And Interesting With Introducing Some Artistic Magic

Are you tired of your old, drab home interior? Want to add some spark to your interior that you can cherish every day? Then, artwork is all you need. But these artworks are incomplete if you do not have the right place to adorn them. Considering this, here are some of the ideas of the walls and the ideal art to create a homely and magical interior for yourself. And the best part! You can have it all if you buy artwork online. Here is what you can find. 

On a White Wall

For all those artwork enthusiasts who are too fond of creating one, as well as ordering one, nature-touched artworks are worth trying out. The manifestation of quirky, chic and magical nature backdrop can never be underestimated. The best backdrop to flaunt the eternal nature is a white backdrop. After all, nature is filled with countless colours. You only need the eyes to see it. So, go for a white set where the rainy nights, lush greens, and skylights shine brightly. For this, you can buy artwork online, giving you many exclusive options for abstract art and contemporary masterpieces. 

Bright Green Wall

Bright green walls are trending these days. People enjoy the vibrancy of bright colours, emphasising the beauty of the hue and giving more loops to add engaging art pieces on a bare and widely colourful wall. For this, you can look forward to stunning art pieces on a white backdrop. An ideal example of one such painting is Storyteller: The Gulmohar Tree by Vinita Dasgupta. This noble artist has unfolded nature’s greens in the most surreal manner. With the introduction of motifs and collage pieces, she has stated the true mixes of nature on a white backdrop. 

A Female Temptation On Some Girly Hues

The admiration of female beauty is endless. Female paintings may take long hours but every minute detail of their gorgeous portrait makes it a worth stare. While male portraits urge on masculine desires, some female paintings are just a treat to the eyes. One of the best examples to depict this is Story Teller The Last Temptation II by Vinita Dasgupta. This painting flaunts the grace of MARILYN MONROE- the gorgeous American actress and model. With this, there are several other female Indian and American beauties depicting the culture and emotions at peak. For them, nothing can be a better backdrop than Barbie pink and hot pink. These subtle dark backgrounds flaunt the perfectly fascinating female figures at its most. 

Monochromatic Theme For A Wall

Do you have an empty wall dying to be the centre of attraction? Then try out an exquisite statement wall piece for a wall coloured blue. Paint your empty wall in an eye-arresting colour like cobalt blue. For this blue wall buy artwork online emphasising on the monochromatic theme of paintings. Another such example of a painting is Storyteller: Oh! Charlie By Vinita Dasgupta. The major attraction of this painting is how Charlie Chaplin is glorified with his acclaimed portray, followed by a marvellous blue shadow. The emphasis of this blue tone over the original blue wall makes it the perfect accompaniment to this. 

Let The Day Of Romance Flourish On A Yellow Backdrop

Yellow is the colour of love and light. This bright colour is known to bring happiness in the home interior. So, you can use this to not only bring happiness but also bring love. For this, you will find the perfectly ideal symbolism of romance, i.e. Storyteller: Romance By Vinita Dasgupta. This mushy painting is exactly what you need if you are looking for a delightful painting to spark your love for each other every time you look at it. However, the impact of sunflowers in this painting makes it a perfect addition to the yellow wall.

Eyes Drop On A Black Backdrop

Black is rare to be on a wall, but for those with it, it can be the best addition to the home interior. People think twice to ensure the black wall does not take the light off the room. In such a case, you can also draw a frame of black colour or a statement shape on the wall. On this, lets frame a painting that rises from the black background. Some of the exquisite examples if you are thinking of buying artwork online are Storyteller: I am Nature, Storyteller Face V, Storyteller: Shiva and Shakti, etc. by Vinita Dasgupta. The perfectly exclusive blends of black and other hues make it glamourous in the room’s interior. 

Some Masterpieces To Go With Every Wall Backdrop 

Make your home your best place to be at with introducing the prettiest art pieces to your interior. Here are some of the infallible themes you got to introduce. 

Abstract Art

Dive into the depth of lines, forms, colours and textures by introducing abstract art to a painting. If you are someone who loves to spend hours dreaming the surreal world of paintings, then abstract art has to be your pick. 

Celebrity Fashion

Why keep celebrity fashion only till the magazines? Some exclusive celebrity statements are portrayed gorgeously through the medium of paintings. An example of are the gorgeous epitomes like Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Priyanka Chopra, etc. These celebrities are showcased majestically by Vinita Dasgupta, giving reasons to add this divinity to the home. 

Quirky Human Portraits

This is one of the common choices for those who want to buy artwork online. Dancing dolls, romance, journey of a human, etc. are some of the common paintings that are truly inspirational to introduce to the abode. 

All these painting ideas and the wall colours, respectively, are meant to make your home your favourite place to be at. To buy these paintings, head online to Eikowa. This online platform justifies the worth of every painting. You only need to use your heart’s eyes to see it. Visit online to know more.

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