Social Media Case Study – Tips and Tricks

At first, case studies were used when teaching law, business, management, later medical studies. Social media case studies are among the newest case studies students, and marketing professionals have to deal with. Of course, this type of case studies has peculiarities, but the primary goals stay similar to any other case study. It is essential to know them because they also explain the steps of writing and solving a case study.

social media case study

When writing a social media case study a student must pursue the following goals:

  1. Be able to make the necessary decision in the case. The goal, which is emphasized throughout the course, is to enable a student to make concrete decisions and apply his knowledge in specific situations.
  2. Show the ability to think logically, clearly and consistently. The student must demonstrate knowledge of what the relevant data and assumptions are.
  3. Be able to present the analysis in a convincing and reasonable form. Make sure that every new abstract is a logical continuation of the previous one. It is better to follow a simple logic — one abstract should contain one major thought, not more.
  4. Possess common sense, defined as the ability to see the obvious and relevant. The student should be able to identify and evaluate the main issues related to the case.
  5. Show the willingness and ability to apply analytical thinking and quantitative analysis when necessary. In Social Media quantitative analysis plays a crucial role because it helps to analyze the effectiveness of the particular activity. Without it, your case study will look not well-researched enough.
  6. Be able to go beyond a specific situation, considering the prospects and showing one’s competence. Draw parallels with other cases, not necessarily the social media ones.
  7. Be able to use the data at your disposal to develop a detailed and reasonable plan of action or conduct a thorough analysis of the situation. To some extent, this goal repeats the previous ones. However, the difference is that making a decision and arguing for it, without going into specific details, into solving many small issues arising in connection with the main problem, does not mean conducting a good case study.

How to Write a Social Media Case Study

  • Write about the problem. For example, you want to tell a story about the company trying to promote its services on Facebook and Instagram. The company has problems and makes a move to solve them. Describe the initial issue that the company wants to settle. You can also give some brief description of the company itself and pay attention to its overall goals.
  • Present several possible solutions. Any case study should have several answers. Some alternatives can be stronger and more applicable, some more risky, some more traditional but less perspective. However, it would help if you showed that you are not trying to give a simple answer but approach the problem from different sides. It is essential to mention the limitations of the offered solutions. The challenging idea about case studies is that there cannot be one fully applicable and perfectly right decision or settlement. In a well-written, creative, real-world case study every solution will have drawbacks, and you have to choose the one where these drawbacks are well compensated.
  • Describe the chosen solution. The company wanted a particular solution, and it gave the result. The result can be positive, negative or neutral. More of it, it will be better if you can show that any result has both positive and negative sides, effects on the situation. If you describe both negative and positive sides, your case study will look professional. You can also provide readers with examples of similar cases in which companies had chosen different solutions. Such a compare and contrast approach will contribute significantly to the overall quality of your case study.

When writing a social media case study, you should remember that though the majority of people use social media for fun, it is a serious business which requires a serious, multidisciplinary approach. Read the famous cases of the recent two years, define patterns and write your own case study considering the received results. Otherwise, you can address a case study writing service with professional writers who can help with your assignment. Good luck!

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