Top 6 Scrabble Apps for Android

Scrabble is one of the best games to play and have fun. It entertains, engages your mind, and gives you a chance to compete. Accessing the game has become very easy today as you can download apps from the internet easily or play it online. Even if you’re an amateur, you can easily learn and find new words to win Scrabble games using a word unscrambler.

This list brings you the top Scrabble apps for Android to enable you to choose the app that you like.

  1. Words With Friends

Words With Friends is an application from Zynga that comes with crossword gameplay. The app game is based on turns, and it gives you an opportunity to compete against 20 players at a time. Therefore, you can play with your friends or even world players.

The app allows you to chat with your opponent via an in-game chat. It goes an extra mile to tell you when your turn to play the Scrabble comes.

  1. Droid Words Free

This app gives you several modes of playing Scrabble and a chance to customize the game. You can choose to play your game against the computer through an application. The app also gives you a chance of selecting a single mode among three which include BS, Urban Slang and Blitz. It also has features like shuffling through shaking, notifications and chatting with the opponent on the app when playing.

  1. Wordsmith

Wordsmith app for Scrabble allows a maximum of four players to play the game at a go. Just like the board Scrabble, the app has a 15 by 15 tile grid that has squares like TW, TL, DL, and DW. The app allows you to have a preview of the potential scores so that you calculate your moves carefully.

You play words from left to right and top to bottom. At the end of the game, the player who collects the most points wins. The app supports notifications and chatting with the opponent and it also allows you to select friends or opponents randomly.

  1. WordFeud Free

The app presents you with over 30 games to play. The most outstanding feature with this Scrabble app is a sense of creativity as it lets you customize the Scrabble board and alter the positioning of the triple tiles, the double word, the double letter or the triple letter.

As with many other apps, you can talk to your opponent, and you have the freedom to choose your opponent.

  1. WordWise Pro

This app allows up to two players to play Scrabble by making turns. The players enjoy the game on a cross-platform that gives the players a chance to invite friends who have devices that support the Scrabble game. It is an app for the people who have an excellent mastery of the game as you can compete with more than 100 opponents at a go.

  1. Angry Words

The app is also known as Apalabrados. It gives you the chance to play Scrabble with different people at a go. It has animations that allow you to monitor the previous moves by your opponent through a complex, yet clear interface. You can play the game in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish and Catalan.

Having gone through this list, you now have a wide variety of Scrabble apps to choose the one that gives you the best user interface. All you need is an Android device and a data connection to download and play Scrabble. A word unscrambler would be a great resource to help you find high-scoring words and beat your friends and opponents.

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