Don’t leave your business behind while on tours – Travel with VoIP

Locally or internationally, frequently or occasionally, travel is an integral part of your business operations. No matter how tiring and hectic a business journey is, it is something a business person can’t ignore. Work trips are considered so necessary that in 2017, companies spent USD 1.33tn on global business travel. 

Now, our question is to you. 

While you pack your bags for business travel, can you leave your business unattended? 

Certainly not, especially when you run a small business where you play various roles! 

To make new business opportunities, you can’t ignore the existing one. In that case, you need to take your business along with you.

But how is it possible?

Well, here is VoIP for you. Powered by the internet, Business Phone Number help a business professional to conduct its routine operations even when you are traveling abroad. Starting from cutting down your overseas calling expenses to take note of every call, it does everything and anything for you.

Here is how it helps businesses:

  • Call forwarding is your knight in shining armor

Call forwarding is one of the key features of any online phone number

With the help of this feature, you can route the incoming calls of an internet phone number to any other phone number. For example, you can set call forwarding on your office phone number to your phone number. 

By doing this, all your business calls now will be coming on your mobile phone number, and you can receive them. You can set call forwarding on certain conditions such as forward when busy, forward when not answered, and forward when unavailable as well. 

  • Set up a second phone line and handle both businesses separately.

So, you are going to set up a new business in a new location. Congratulations on a new venture. To make it happen, you need to build a local communication base and make endless calls to business associates and prospective customers. While you are doing all of this, a caller from back home may have to listen to the boring busy tone and wait for hours to get answered. 

In that case, you should get a second phone line for your office phone systems. VoIP offers a second phone line facility to its users that enables a business to manage calls easily. The second phone line is a sort of disposable internet phone number that you get through a web application and works exactly the way your permanent number works. 

You can send SMS, making calls, and even record voicemails over a Wi-Fi connection. Also, you can get a local phone number as a second phone line and cut down your international calling rates up to a great extent. The only thing to markdown here is that you can’t make emergency calls through a second phone line. So, it’s better to set up emergency phone numbers on your primary phone. 

  • It does all of that what Whatsapp and Skype can’t do.

Many times people think that while traveling abroad, they can make calls through other free applications such as Whatsapp and Skype. But, let me tell you that their help is only half-good when we talk about the business. There are lots of incidences where you may need to make/receive calls to/from landline numbers while traveling. In such situations, all these apps fail big time. However, VoIP emerges as a true savior here as well. You can make/receive free calls to any landline or emergency number while traveling with its help. 

  • It can turn any data-driven device into your office phone system. 

While you are traveling, you can’t have an ample power supply to charge your phone all the time. In that case, your phone battery can die at any time and fear to lose contact with the rest of the world ripple around you.  And, the fear is real. But, VoIP helps you in this as well. 

By using VoIP, you can turn any of data-driven devices such as laptop/tablet/PC/iPod into a phone system and make/receive calls via it. So, no more worries. Just hassle-free travel!

  • It helps you to stay in sync with the rest of the world. 

We are living in a world of diversity where things change after every mile. In that, change in the time zone of two different places is a real thing. While there is a sunrise in the US, the sun is setting down in Asia.   So, you must stay in sync with this time zone difference while traveling. There is a global connect feature of your internet phone number that helps you cope up with this time difference. You can get details such as what is the right time to call, if the number is valid or not, and so on. 

Before you leave 

Business travel is a real thing, and there is no escape from this. So, get the right resources by your side and make travel less strenuous and more productive. 

Happy traveling!

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