Getting started with Abakion Go

Abakion Go is the best method to get started all by yourself to use the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  So you can do it yourself by following the user guide. The self-instruction guide saves you from the expensive fees charged by the consultants. It explains the tasks in detail and the videos explain how to tackle Business central. The Abakion Go dashboard will track how far you have done the tasks and what is remaining. The Microsoft products product is not ready for use which requires a job which takes around 50 – 100 hours before the user can post the first entry. Based on several decades of experience, there are built-in templates that contain the complete setup with around 150 master tables. Business central requires some customization’s, so that is the reason you choose Abakion Go which is available in the form of applications. These applications are verified and certified by Microsoft. 

Let’s look at the three apps which are certified by Microsoft. The first one is the Master Data Information application having its popular features. It has a fully customized data structure so that you can create your data structure. It enables you to make a bulk update of the multiple item records which acts as a huge item saver. Then you create new items using the templates and then include the files and media. You are creating your form of data view and also add new fields and attributes by yourself. The second app is the second customizer app which enables to customize the documents by editing the text and allows data to be inserted from any field. There are customer-specific versions and users manage the language versions. The document customizer can be installed within minutes and comes with a wizard guide.

The third is the dynamic data exchange application where you can open the dynamic data exchange card, create an import name and select the type of data exchange such as FTP or API. Once the data format and file specifications are set you can set the additional actions which may be triggered in case of errors. You can specify the tables to be updated and then the file structure of the import file, field by field. There are many settings which control the data to be updated and which data needs to be validated in the ERP system. The system allows existing data to be manipulated and additional data to be inserted also. 

The software is a standardized solution that is easy to maintain and which can support all your business needs. Business processes can be well developed by using the three available editions. The standard edition is a package solution for small companies who wish to support their business with simple business needs. The business edition includes additional applications and is designed with business intelligence fit for the most medium-sized companies. Finally, the enterprise edition is offering total solutions that can meet the advanced Supply Chain Management needs. Get Dynamics 365 Business Central which is the best solution for integrating business needs with artificial intelligence tools.

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