A Quick Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing is an often overlooked yet highly powerful form of brand promotion and lead conditioning that can be used to build huge contact lists and followings quickly. In essence, email marketing is a lot like the old-school predecessor to social media. Before the days of friends lists and followings, and before you could get a million.

YouTube subscribers, the only way marketers had to stay in touch with their audience was through email correspondence or blogging. Despite how archaic it may seem, sending out emails to a list of subscribers can still be incredibly effective, especially if you do so while utilizing the following three tips.

1. Use a Highly Compatible Email Tool

Email marketing software will let you collect and store a lot of data, much of which can be very useful when transferred into other marketing or company management software, such as accounting tools or CRM interfaces. Thus, the best way to simplify each of the individual’s steps involved is by using an email marketing software that allows for integration with other marketing tools. For example, check out PieSync’s review of the HubSpot Mailchimp Integration to see how Mailchimp makes it possible to sync data with HubSpot and its myriad of marketing tools. 

2. Practice Re-Targeting

Re-targeting is a more advanced topic that we can’t fully go over within the scope of this tip, but researching and practicing it is definitely worth your time. Essentially, you’ll be analyzing data from your email marketing software and social media metrics to see which audiences are responding well to your ads or emails, and then targeting those niches or demographics to generate increasingly desirable results. Basically, you’ll be using analysis to find out what works and then capitalizing on the success you’ve have thus far. 

3. Provide Excellent Content in Every Email

Finally, it’s absolutely essential that you focus on pleasing your audience with every email and avoid annoying or disappointing them. Every email that you send out should deliver a potent and powerful message to the reader. There has to be something about it worthwhile other than another sales pitch disguised as a newsletter. If you focus on making sure every email adds value, you can send out one per week and do much better than if you were to send out 10 low-quality emails per week. 

Don’t Overdo It!

When you hear the phrase “getting the most” it can be easy to feel like you should maximize your output and send out as many emails as possible. However, in the world of email marketing, less can be more – it’s all about quality over quantity. The worst-case scenario is that someone would unsubscribe to your emails altogether. Of course, if the message is bad enough to make one person unsubscribe, then others will probably follow suit. Obviously, losing hundreds or even thousands of contacts from your list is a horrible consequence, so keep that in mind before you start sending out mediocre content. 

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