3 Ways Technology Has Made Air Travel Safer

Thanks to technology, there are so many things in our lives that are easier and safer than ever. And while there still might be big strides to be made, the lives of those living on the earth today are so much more convenient and secure than almost any other time on the planet.

One area where you can see big improvements being made through the newest technologies is in air travel. Just a few decades ago, traveling by airplane wasn’t nearly as safe as it is today. 

So to help you see just how far we’ve come, here are three ways technology has made air travel safer. 

Maintenance Monitors On Planes

We all know that in order for something to consistently function properly, regular maintenance needs to be done on it. This is no different when it comes to airplanes.

With many modern safeguards in place as a result of progressing technology, Scott McCartney, a contributor to the Wall Street Journal, shares that planes are now more easily able to monitor when maintenance needs to take place in order for everything and everyone to be safe. These monitors check on all aspects of the airplane, from the fuel tanks or the landing gear. If something’s wrong, the maintenance monitors will catch it and allow for any repairs to be made before the plane takes off with passengers in tow, making things much safer for everyone. 

Satellite Technology For Pilots

With satellite technology, Allison Hope, a contributor to Conde Nast Traveler, shares that it’s now much easier for pilots to do their jobs safely and effectively. 

Technology similar to iPads and GPS technology now allows pilots to plot their courses much more accurately, which has only increased their ability to make sure they get you to your final destination safely. They can also see when there are weather patterns to avoid or other obstacles that might make navigation harder. 

Better Security At The Airport

One very obvious way that technology has made air travel safer is with security at the airport. After September 11th, 2001, there has been much more security at all airports around the world. And with more advanced technology, security measures have often been able to be streamlined or expedited. 

Although security isn’t perfect yet and things can still be missed or overlooked, Tom Farrier, a contributor to Forbes.com, shares that technology has made it a lot easier for security agents at the airport to find potentially dangerous items that passengers might be trying to get on board an airplane with them. 

Whether you’ve never flown on an airplane before or you’ve got more frequent flyer miles than you know what to do with, technology has made air travel much more safe for everyone involved. 

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