What features have Mozilla Firefox 2019?

Well, Firefox is an open-source web browser that is available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It is among the popular browsers available on the net since 2013. Recently Mozilla Firefox launched its upgraded browser, which has made it competent among the other browsers. Mozilla Firefox is now back with a bang. Most internet users have been yearning for a reliable web browser that will meet their respective needs, and Mozilla Firefox 2019 is on it again.

In this article, I am going to Highlight its key features in comparison with other browsers read on and find out.


Firefox 2019 is currently known for its improved performance, which results in faster performance of tasks within optimal time. This browser delays the least commonly used scripts and allows users to browse on what you need. It announced that Google, Amazon, and Instagram could operate at a rate of 80% faster than before. Additionally, it also allows you to select your style sheet after loading the page.

Another impressive aspect of its performance is the ability to maximize the computer’s memory. If your memory is running low, it will suspend unused tabs and allows you to reload later when you need it. Firefox users can customize their browser by adding a favorite theme using its personas or ad blockers using its extensive library of add-ons.

Simply download Firefox, and it will let you block flash contents, an advertisement that can be of Nuisance.

When it comes to performance, Firefox is better than opera because of using significantly less RAM, especially when you have loaded various tabs. This is it the fastest browser compared to others

Tab management

Firefox is now on the forefront when compared to other browsers due to its tab management. You can now cluster your tabs into various categories by using tab groups, which is an inbuilt feature. This is necessary when you have several tabs that are open, and you want to cut them down.

What you need to do is to employ the tab functionality by right-clicking to reduce the number of tabs, which significantly helps you to use less storage.


There has been an outcry about security when it comes to using web browsers. However, Firefox has made advancement to ensure your privacy and security issues are well taken care of. It has come up with features that are designed to prevent malicious websites from reaching your privacy. Particularly, Firefox has a reliable pop-up blocker that gives anti-malware and anti-phishing warnings that are automatically updated for approximately 40 times a day to prevent you from being a victim of fraudulent websites.

Therefore, before you even load a website, Firefox runs a cross-check to determine if you are data and web usage is secured. It only allows you to browse through websites that have authentic addresses for purposes of securing your private information. Additionally, you can use private browsing tabs for private browsing, which will afterward discard all the website data, including cache and cookies, once you’re done browsing. This was a great milestone taken by Firefox to ensure that its users can confidently access the internet without falling victims of cybercrimes or cyberbullying.

Unlike other web browsers like opera Firefox offers privacy and security to its users by protecting them from phishing and malware, as I said earlier.

Ease of use

Firefox 2019 is simple and easy to use. This is because of its refined interface, which has made its tabs scroll able and easy to manage. It also offers a drop-down menu, which gives you instant access to other search engines like Facebook, Reddit, YouTube, etc. Therefore, Firefox greatly outshines other browsers like opera because of its user-friendliness.

Operas interface is traditional compared to other browsers like chrome and Firefox. However, in this category, Firefox seems to have received positive reviews based on user experience.

Final thoughts

Firefox can battle strongly when compared to any other browser in the world. It offers good features and a refined interface, which makes it easy for the users. Besides, they are guaranteed to have the best security while accessing the web pages.

Therefore, there is no doubt that Firefox is now the best browser that you can use in 2019. All you need to do is to download Mozilla Firefox 2019 and enjoy its untimely performance.

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