Tech Apps Developed to Fit the Needs of Divorced Parents

Today, it is hard to find a person who doesn’t admit that technology makes their life better and, for a wonder, much easier. People that have ones been through a divorce realize how complicated and rugged life can be during and after the process, and to cope with all the troubles they tend to resort to technology.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that along with the best online divorce service you have recently used to settle your case, there are many tech apps developed with the divorced parents’ needs in mind. These applications are meant to help users manage their parenting time, pay alimony and child maintenance, and talk to each other straight to the point after a breakup. Let’s consider a few apps that give divorced parents effective tools to manage their post-divorce life with ease.

Family Wizard

This multi-feature app helps those involved in either a fast online divorce process or an unrelenting case. There is a message board where parents can communicate with each other. Before being sent, every message is checked with a “Tone Meter” to avoid tough talks. A built-in calendar allows users to keep track of their kids’ holidays and schedules, make some changes to the latter, inform their exes about upcoming events, etc.

This app is a great solution for divorced parents who strive to amicably settle all the scheduling matters and simply enjoy healthy co-parenting. A 10 GB storage space gives them a great opportunity to share pictures, achievement sheets, and other docs regarding their kids. Even though this application is developed to fit the needs of divorced couples, it can also come in handy for others, including grandparents, nannies, and therapists, who may be involved in the kid’s life.


Like the above-mentioned app, this one allows divorced parents to integrate their personal calendars to manage their kids’ schedules. The calendar can be easily shared either in or outside the family to inform everybody involved in the kid’s life about upcoming events, the child’s whereabouts, etc. However, no changes can be made to the schedules by anybody but the owner.

Also, the app provides a specific platform to help parents pay spousal and child support effortlessly. When they need some money to cover routine expenses or buy something important that kids need such as musical instruments, clothes, etc., they can request a payment through the service. The app divides all the expenses by categories so that users can monitor how much was spent on school supplies, meds, entertainment, and so forth last month. Moreover, the program keeps track of how much money was paid by each party so that nobody can suspect anybody of stealing any cash.

A social network section allows for communication between two parents. There, they can create notes, share pictures, post videos, etc. to keep other family members informed about their kids’ daily activities. Some storage space allows parents to upload pictures to the photo album and store contacts, health information, and so forth regarding their kids in the Information bank. 


This Internet portal is focused on both spousal and child support. It comes with a calendar feature, too; however, most of its features are developed to track payments so that ex-spouses can see eye to eye with each other. The program enables users to align their PayPal accounts with the SupportPay service for faster payments. The system keeps track of all payments and expenses so that every parent knows exactly how much was paid and spent.

Every divorced parent can use this service for free. However, if you want to access the payment and expense history of more than the last six months and be able to fully use all program features, including the calendar, without any limits, then it makes sense to get a paid subscription.

When used properly, the above-mentioned techs ease the burden on parents after a divorce. With them, divorced couples have no problems with figuring out who gets the Christmas holidays, what was the money spent for, when is the next payment, how their kids perform at school, etc.

Divorces are really tough on parents. Very often, the conflict between divorced parents erupts from the need to talk to each other about various child-related issues such as teacher-parent meetings, schedules, expenses, and so forth. And these programs are meant to help them settle all the issues in the most convenient way possible. They deliver bottomless relief for those dealing with the consequences of divorce and parenting issues for a token fee, if not for free at all.

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