The Search Engines to use in 2020

In the modern age, search engines are how we find everything from new jobs to new recipes. Knowing which ones to use can help you get the best results for your specific needs and the most protection in terms of privacy and security.

This brief guide will help you figure out what each search engine is good for. These are the search engines to use in 2020. 


We have to start with the staple. Google has been dominating this market for decades and for good reasons. Its complex search algorithms give you varied, plentiful results. Its numerous apps and services like Google My Business, Maps, and Gmail have become commonplace in all of our lives.

There are downsides to using Google, however, mostly involving privacy. As we put more of our personal information online to calculate loans, look for jobs, and search for more private interests, it becomes even more important to find a search engine that makes privacy a priority.

As more search engines come into existence, more Google alternatives emerge. may be new, but its clean interface and tailored results page is quickly making the search engine a name among those looking for privacy.

Like many of the options here, Hot also features a lot of promises to protect your privacy, including leaving out the normal ad campaigns and tracking devices that the bigger sites use.


As opposed to Google, DuckDuckGo is much more privacy-focused while offering a lot of the same services. Its interface is clean and familiar, and its results are pooled from other search engines, including Google.

It still has ads, but they aren’t personalized from your own search history. DuckDuckGo is probably the biggest, most well-known alternative to Google if you don’t want to venture too far. 

Disconnect Search

If you want to bypass the ad agencies and money machine entirely, here’s a search engine that claims to make no profit on the site whatsoever. Disconnect Search is similar to a lot of these smaller sites in that they pool results from multiple other engines.

By comparison, Disconnect has a lot of customization options that bigger engines can’t give you, including options for the interface and results filters. You can choose, for example, which other search engines to include or leave out in your results.


It doesn’t get much more privacy-focused than Swisscows. Switzerland, already known for its strict legislation involving data privacy, is a great place to look for a search engine dedicated to your safety.

With dedicated servers buried in the Alps, Swisscows offers an anonymous search experience that acquires results from Bing and filters it through their own proxy to give it back to you. It’s also a useful alternative for parents since Swisscows censors out adult material from its search results.

In Summary

2020 is a new decade with new standards in privacy. Search engines are being used more and more to process and calculate sensitive personal information. Google may lead the market, but it may also be useful to consider alternatives to increase your privacy online or take advantage of the individualized features offered by other search engines.

Regardless of which you choose, there are many more options than most people realize. Using the right search engine could make a huge difference in the information you find and the security profile you keep online.

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