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Are you a graphic designer with an Instagram business account? If yes, you have some work to do to get the mileage you want.Today, Instagram is a popular social media platform that is expected to expand 989 million subscribers by 2022. Instagram marketing provides impressive results for graphic designers.

Being a visual platform Instagram has its dynamic aesthetics. And it also includes pertinent graphic design trends that gets modified and continuously changed. You could be a graphic designer or business on Instagram, but you need to stay aware of these trends. Do you wish that your visual content that you share online gains prominence? If yes, then staying aware of the Instagram graphic design trends for the future is essential. 

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The famous graphic design trends to know

There are several reasons why Instagram gets considered the most coveted social media platform. Other than sparkling and high-end visual content, Instagram enables innovative content creation. You will never create a dull content for your Instagram followers. From interactive Stories, monochromatic palettes, and Carousel posts, there’s plenty of trends and elements that graphic designers and others can choose from the design trends. The popular trends for the few years to come include:

  1. Powder Pastels

Colors can add life to images. And when you are on Instagram, you get to live that because of the vibrant imagery. If you have witnessed the soft-pastel colors that dominated in 2019, you will now get to witness the darker and duskier tone. The powder pastels are the trend now and will increase prominence instead of the glossy or shiny palettes. The same shade can get used in multiple gradients to accentuate the image quality. One of the best tips here is to choose a pastel shade as your theme and then use it to a great extent in all the posts. And soon, your viewers will start to link your brand with that color. And your content will also gain uniqueness. You don’t have to edit any images for this. Simply, by adding an element or two will do the job and provide you your signature color. 

  1. Simply say yes to imperfections

Here you need to visualize elements like shattered glass, wrinkled faces, and crumpled papers! In the coming years, this is precisely what you will witness on Instagram. Digital will blend in with analogue with excellently shot images because of imperfections. That means Instagram will comfortably slip into an old school time when the social content didn’t get judged for being slightly or moderately imperfect. It will be a time where the analogue textures will appear gritty and grungy.

There are a few fashion magazines that have said yes to this trend! You will find well-groomed models posing against a messier backdrop, which is edgy and relatable. If you are new to this trend, you can opt-in for this raw look on Instagram Stories, which disappears within a day. This experiment will help you to know whether this trend works for you or not. 

  1.  Vintage Touch

Old is not out of fashion anymore!That means the vintage theme is here to stay. Grainy effect,presets, and watermarks will give your images and visual content a vintage essence.  The color tones are likely to get warmer and saturated, with an affinity towards orange, greens, and natural browns.  

The retro and vintage theme has been a hit trend on Instagram. Gradually, in the coming years, it will become a significant trend, as the objective is to shift from perfect imagery to more imperfect, raw, and real-life nuances. You need to remember than the in-built filters are passe. Various apps are using which you can get the vintage look.

  1. “No-Edit” edit trend

The excessive and “over-the-top” edits are a trend of the past! Today, all you need is a slight orientation tweak and color modulation. The more real you keep your image feed, the enhanced it looks. Your audience will accept this more than excessive edits. Over the past years, the #noedit hashtag has gained adequate response to become a trend. The way to go about this is that you need to seize the moment in your images. Instagram today is high on visual storytelling. Hence, it would be a smart move if you can align your graphic design or brand story with a more societal trend or cause that will enhance your individual or brand value. 

Once you know and understand the trends, you can use the same for your graphic design business! It will help you to create an exclusively online presence and give your Instagram promotion a boost.

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