Social Media graphics – the best way of deploying it for Instagram

Content marketing has turned to visual content since the advent of social media. The trend has become a norm due to the high popularity of Instagram, the only platform that thrives on visual content. Naturally, when it comes to social media marketing, the overall content strategy must include graphic design that plays a decisive part.

As we stay surrounded by information flowing in from all sides and numerous resources, online or offline, the inputs received by our sensory systems are transmitted to the brain. The brain then recognizes and interprets the information to develop perception. Visual perception is primary among all other perceptions like sound, taste, smell, and touch because 90% of information that reaches the brain is visual. This is one of the reasons behind the popularity of Instagram that creates better engagement with the audience that is more receptive to visuals.   

Instagram for business

Creating websites and having social media profiles have become the norm for businesses to survive the intense competition. Since images are powerful in communicating and connecting with the audience, the popularity of Instagram seems quite natural.

Businesses use social media platforms to reach out to the largest section of the audience. Instagram is the platform of choice because being available on mobile devices only allows businesses to reach out to the broadest section of the audience. It is easier to impress the audience with visuals to tell the brand story, and the likes, followers, and comments gathered during the interaction bears the marks of success of the campaign. But it will take time to build authority with large numbers of likes and followers. To compress the time it takes to develop an impressive following, you can buy likes, followers, and real people’s comments from insta4likes

Graphics are critical for social media content

To bolster your social media presence, it is not enough to create high-quality content but make it as eye-catching as possible by using bespoke and original images and graphics to create better engagement. Great imagery can enhance the content quality and evoke the right emotions that inspire the audience to take some action that leads to conversions and serve the marketing goal. Images generate high engagement metrics that go a long way toward bonding with the brand and help in business growth.

Images help to add to the brand’s character and showcase your products effectively. It allows you to connect with the audience for demonstrating your knowledge and passion that adds to the brand value by enhancing credibility and trustworthiness. Using graphics for social media advertising boosts the advertising potential many more times.

Choosing your graphics

Graphics and image selection play a critical role in creating Instagram content. The better you understand your audience easier, it will be to develop content that matches their expectations and strikes the right chord. Based on the type of audience and their tastes, you can select suitable images that resonate with them. Some brands take to curating stock images and producing graphics or self-editing that works well for the brand that acquires a voice of its own, which creates a distinct identity.

Succeeding with visual stories

Before you take to Instagram to tell your brand’s story, you must have a clear idea about the marketing goals that you have set for the platform. Since social media platforms have their ways of working, you must have separate goals for each. This will help to get the most from the platform by using its features to the fullest. Depending on the type of business, you can achieve different purposes through social media marketing. You can use it to build your brand, drive more traffic to your website, or enhance lead generation and conversions.  For example, social media an excellent place for B2C businesses to expand the customer base because the leads can reach the end of the sales funnel without quitting the network. B2B companies’ objectives are different as they want to drive more traffic from the special medial platform to their website.

Create great social media graphics

Use social media graphics with some good thought to ensure that the imagery always resembles the brand. The connection should be clear and explicit with a distinct tone that helps quickly recognize the brand behind the content. From the subject of the image to the color palette to typography and text, every design element must maintain the brand connection. The image must seamlessly fit into your company’s overall feel and ethos.

The objective should be to create a long-lasting impression that triggers easy brand recall. Create a focal point of the image, preferably to the left of the center of the image, which is the most eye-catching area of the image where viewers usually concentrate when looking at it.

Infographics are great in generating engagement and conveying value to the audience. But make sure that it is well-researched and informational that is meaningful for the audience.

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