SEO Strategies Used By Top Agency to Increase Site Rankings

To succeed in your online business venture, you must aim for top ranking in the search results. While it might be too tall an order to target for the first five positions on the search page, you must give it a go, which could at least ensure that you remain on the first page. This is critical because 95% of traffic reaches the first page and the other pages receive the residual traffic of 5 percent or less as observed by the experts at the SEO agency – All business owners try to find the best ways of breaking into the upper ranks of the search results by improving their SEO performance while adapting the best practices o avoid any penalty. 

There is no fixed formula to crack the code for ranking at the top, but surely you must be creative and have the resources that you can use with dedication and persistence. It takes time for the SEO results to show up, and you must have the patience to go through the grind without losing faith in your abilities.

Here are the ways of developing strategies to improve ranking.

Get familiar with Google algorithms

The first thing to ensure is that you must not tread the forbidden path to improve ranking because it can attract the Google penalty and ruin your SEO campaign.  Before trying to adapt to the industry’s best practices to develop SEO strategies, you must aim for long-term success. Ensure that any penalty does not hit you during the rollout of updates that results from Google’s constant tinkering with the algorithm to make it better. Most of the updates happen without any announcements. There are lots of mystery surrounding Google algorithms, which makes it imperative to keep a close watch on what is happening around by using some resources like The Google Webmaster and Webmaster central to keep track of updates.

Know the factors to improve

You must have a goal and then develop strategies for achieving it; know the SEO metric to monitor so that you know your strengths and weaknesses.  The most important metrics are the organic traffic volume, conversions rate, and keyword ranking for commercial keywords.

Organic traffic – The majority of traffic flows from organic sources, and you must know the volume of traffic that reaches the website from these sources. Studies have shown that the highest revenue source comes from organic search for most industries barring media and entertainment. Use Google Analytics to figure out the extent of organic traffic that reaches your website and then think about creating strategies for improvement. Tools are available for tracking conversions from keywords that happen organically. 

Focus on commercial keyword ranking – To improve your search ranking and earn more revenue, focus on commercial keywords, which are different from informational keywords. Although informational keywords like installing WordPress or free e-book download drive organic traffic to the website, little does it help generate revenue. On the contrary, keywords like web designers in NJ and the best acne product have commercial overtones as the searchers are likely to buy the products or services. Therefore, focus on keywords that have commercial leaning and include words like purchase, review, buy, discount, etc.  Set up an SEO dashboard to track these metrics.

Create a mobile-friendly website

Since mobile searches have overtaken desktop searches and Google has moved towards mobile-first indexing, it is now necessary to have mobile-friendly websites. A single version of the website should be functional in the same way on all kinds of devices and of varied screen sizes and users should have the best experience in interacting with the website regardless of the device. Not having a mobile-friendly website will simply throw you out of the race because you will not be able to access the largest section of the audience that uses mobile devices. Use responsive web design to create a mobile-friendly website and focus on local search that connects consumers and brands at lightning speed. 

Undertake keyword research to improve SEO

Keyword research is an essential element in an effective inbound marketing strategy, and you must have a good understanding of how it works. Keyword research aims to identify keywords that your audience uses the most when searching for your website. Through keyword research, you get first-hand information about the audience you want to target and come to know about the kind of information they are looking for and how they want to access the information. The keyword will help you know the intent of the searcher and bear hints about the manner of consuming the information.

Focus on on-page SEO

Having known the keywords to target for improving SEO performance, you are now ready to strengthen your on-page SEO for maximizing performance. 

Optimize the title tags – Title tags play a critical role in your site’s performance, and you must make it unique, descriptive, and keyword-oriented. However, do not use the same keywords and title tags repeatedly. Although longer title tags might be truncated in the SERP because Google displays only 60 characters, do not shorten it just for its sake. Since the search snippet is highly dynamic according to the search query, it could work in your favor when it is more descriptive.  

Create a search engine sitemap – Create a sitemap to tell search engines about your website’s organization of content. The XML site map helps Google bots navigate the website more intelligently, improving indexing and the prospects of being picked up over other websites against some search query. 

Use schema markup –   Schema markups are like extra labels of information that help Google better understand the meaning of your content. Besides helping Google to understand your website, it impacts the traffic flowing to the site.

In addition to the above, use great content using keywords relevant to the audience and adapt a story-telling style that can captivate the audience and evoke emotions that improve conversion rate.  Do not forget to include a CTA to facilitate a conversion.

Build a strong backlink profile that builds the authority of the website that improves ranking.

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