Best Lifestyle Vloggers to Follow on YouTube

There was a time, when YouTube was merely a video streaming platform that people would visit in their pastime. Nobody could have imagined that it will evolve into the biggest video-sharing platform, with billions of users worldwide. Today, people from around the world upload, share, and view videos belonging to different niches and categories, from a diverse range of creators. With the passage of time, YouTube has seen a plethora of new trends and genres coming on the site.  And To get the best plastic trumpet Click here

For YouTubers, it was never about committing to a specific niche. On one hand, we have tech-buffs like Marques Brownlee spilling tea on gadgets the world has never seen before. While, on the other hand we have vloggers influencing our lifestyle with their creative content.. And that’s what we’re about to delve into right now. We’ll walk you through some of the best lifestyle YouTubers that you can follow, if you’re big on living your life with pizzazz! 

Sydney Serena 

Sydney is a 20-year-old YouTuber who is originally from Minnesota but currently resides in California. Her YouTube channel contains videos of her life as a teenager and the way things are in California for somebody living alone. Her videos take her subscribers through everything she comes across during her day, including her newly started college life.  

Username: Sydney Serena

No. of Followers: 2,18,0000

Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat is one of the widely followed vloggers who started off his career in the most adverse situations when he was broke and had no one who could trust him. He started by making consistent posts on YouTube but stopped creating content from 2015 to 2017, as he had shifted his focus on creating short films instead. If you’re looking for some pep talk, then we’d encourage you to watch Casey’s video where he conveys an excellent message about doing things that you can’t do and what people do not expect you to do. 

Username: caseyneistat

No. of Followers:  12,20,0000

Nicole Guerriero

Nicole is another amazing YouTuber who became famous as a beauty blogger where many of her fans come for her videos on beauty tips, beauty product reviews and makeup tutorials. Her Halloween-inspired Makeup tutorial is a must-see if you want to look great this year on Halloween.

Username: nguerriero19

No. of Followers: 2,830,000

Hailey Sani

Hailey is probably one of the most genuine lifestyle vloggers on YouTube. You can watch her videos using your Xfinity internet connection, if you prefer an experience free from the buffering loop. Hailey’s videos comprise of different types of visual content. .She gives things a personal touch, which makes her videos more relatable. On her channel, you can find videos on life advice, beauty tips, how-tos, things that she does in her everyday life, what she has in her closet and many other diverse topics. 

Username: berrypinklips

No. of Followers: 1,38,0000

Zoe Sugg

Zoe is a British vlogger, businesswoman and author of the book Girl Online. Her videos mainly comprise of random stuff that she posts with her boyfriend and fellow YouTuber Alfie Deyes. In the year 2014, she launched her range of beauty products. Apart from that, she was criticized for filming while driving and for some offensive social media posts for which she had to apologize as well.

Username: MoreZoella

 No. of Followers: 4,800,000

In a Nutshell

Content creators, vloggers and experts on YouTube do not only provide us with outstanding visual content but give us a glimpse of different cultures as well. If you aspire to become a dynamic content creator on YouTube, you do not need high-tech equipment nor good looks. All you need is a vision to bring something new to the table, the spark of creativity and the commitment to deliver nothing but quality content. Start at this, and the next thing you know, you’ll be running a successful YouTube channel in no time.  

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