Becoming a Robotics Engineer: What You Need to Do

Robotics Engineering is a field where engineers of all kinds can find a home. Whether you’re interested in mechanical, electrical, or computer engineering, there is a place for you among the machines.

Robots aren’t just a thing of the future — they’re already here!

Start taking steps on your dream career path today. We’re here to let you know exactly what you need to do to become a robotics engineer.

Start Taking the Right Classes in High School

Robotics engineering is one of those careers where it pays to start as early as possible. If you’re still in high school, there are a few subjects you need to focus on above the others to be successful in this field.

Science and math classes are the most important classes you’ll take.

Even if you’re not naturally gifted in math or science, staying determined and working hard will get you where you need to be. Try your best to keep your grades up and get into advanced placement classes to learn all you can before you get into college.

If your high school offers them, you may also want to take some extra classes such as programming, design, and other engineering specific courses.

Join a Robotics Club

Something else you should look into while you’re in high school and college are robotics clubs. Not every school has one but you may still be able to find a club to join by looking around online.

If you’re going to spend your career working with robots, you may as well start interacting with them now!

Robotics club gives you a chance to flex your math, science, and engineering muscles while working in a group setting. Not only will you get the experience, but you’ll also have the chance to make some friends along the way!

Decide What Degree You Want to Get

There is more than one path to becoming a robotics engineer. It’s just a matter of choosing the one that’s right for you.

More and more universities are offering a degree in robotics engineering but it’s still not a course that’s available everywhere. More often than not, the path to a job in robotics runs through a specific engineering degree.

Because robotics is such an interdisciplinary field, there are multiple kinds of engineering involved.

  • Mechanical Engineering – The hardware of the robot.
  • Computer Science / Software Engineering – The software of the robot.
  • Electrical Engineering – The connectivity of the robot.

A bachelor’s degree in any of these areas of study is more than enough to get your foot in the door at an entry level robotics engineering job.

Find a Job in Robotics Engineering

Prepare for your job search by putting all of your relevant schooling, skills, and experience on your resume. This is where all the extra things you did come in handy.

On top of your bachelor’s degree, include your time in any robotics clubs and any internship positions you may have taken up.

Schooling isn’t the only thing that’s important when it comes to working in robotics, though. You’ll most likely be working with a team of other engineers, so skills that include collaborating, problem solving, and adapting are all important as well.

Get Your Master’s Degree to Futher Your Career

If you truly want to make robotics engineering your lifelong career, you definitely need to look into upgrading to a master’s degree in your chosen engineering field.

While a bachelor’s degree is enough to get you in on the ground floor, if you plan on progressing further, a master’s degree is pretty much a requirement.

In Conclusion

It’s never a bad time to look toward the future.

Now that you know the steps to becoming a robotics engineer, it will be easy for you to head in the right direction. If you really apply yourself and do everything you need to do, there’s nothing stopping you from pursuing the career of your dreams!

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