How to Get TikTok Famous in 2021

TikTok has nearly 690 million active users around the world. With this number of viewers, fame offers many incentives. Whether it’s for attention or financial gain, you’re probably wondering if you can get TikTok famous, too.

Read this guide for tips on finding fame on TikTok and making the most of these millions of viewers.

1. Trending Hashtags

One of the best ways to get TikTok famous is piggybacking on trending hashtags. Make sure you use the best ones for your video. Consider your content’s genre and the hashtag creators.

Find top-performing videos and copy their hashtags. You can also hijack hashtags when they trend. Consider posting a video with one element of a trending video, then posting the related hashtags.

You can also recreate a trending TikTok video to build traffic. Over time, total views can increase.

2. Duet or Collaboration

If you’re wondering, “Do famous TikTokers get paid?” you’re asking the right question. Building a loyal following means tons a big audience to market products to. That also means sponsorships from big companies.

Consider collaborating or a duet with a famous TikToker if you have zero connections. You’re likely to get some attention if you duet with a famous personality—the more eyes on your videos, the better.

3. Pick a Theme

Whatever your content or niche, stick with it. Building a following means producing predictable content. Staying on-brand makes you more memorable.

You can still film random videos, too, but a theme helps followers keep track. Loyal followers will stay with accounts they remember.

4. Video Quality

If you want to boost your TikTok views, you can’t sacrifice video quality. With millions of videos posted daily, active users have high standards. If your content falls below these standards, you’ll lose viewers.

Video quality depends on your camera and avoiding low resolution. It’s also about lighting and camera angles, so make sure you practice! Before you upload, don’t be afraid to reshoot if angles or sound quality are off.

5. Shares and Interactions

With new uploads daily, your need to keep content up. Engagement depends on consistency and regular content. If you’re not uploading, your feed gets stale, and viewers leave.

Post regularly, but also comment on other videos. Interact with other users to draw attention to your account. Commenting can encourage viewers to check out videos on your page.

6. Cross Platforms

Instagram Reels are increasingly popular. Your best bet to boosting your TikTok fame means sharing on Instagram. Post your TikTok account on Instagram Stories and Reels to gain followers.

Using another platform boosts traffic and draws on users who might have missed an original post. Reposting content also saves you time.

Learn More Ways to Get TikTok Famous

You’re path to get TikTok famous is closer than you might think. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to gain more views.If you need more tips to boost your views, check out the rest of our helpful content.

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