How to Open a Digital Safe Without a Key.

When you have a digital safe, the usual way of unlocking the safe is using the keywords. If you don’t want to do that, the next option is the override keys. But, what will happen if the battery is dead and you lost your override keys? Isn’t it terrible? I know that you agree. Well, we have a solution for you in that situation.

Yes, you heard it right. You can open your digital safe without using a key. In today’s article, we will see how you can open a safe without using a key. Let’s see how things go on.

# Method 1

Restoring Power to the Keypad

Recharging or replacing the batteries: Generally, we use the override keys to open an electrical safe or a biometric safe if the batteries are dead. But if you don’t have an override key, you can replace the batteries and use the passcode again to unlock it.

Checking the battery casing to get batteries out: To replace the battery, you have to find out the battery casing first. In most of the safes, you’ll find the battery case under the keypad. You just need to hold the latch using your finger and pull the batteries out. Sometimes, you might need a screwdriver to expose the batteries.

Get batteries with the same voltage: Once the existing batteries are removed, you have to get new batteries of the same type and voltage. Now, replace the batteries with the new ones and you are all set for checking the safe’s operation.

Plug in a power supply connection: After inserting the batteries, it’s time to get the device connected to the power. If you use any USB cord to supply the power, do that carefully. If the safe has any specific power cord, you have to use that to get the power supply. Now, check if there is any charging light or not.

Enter your passcode to open the safe: Now, you have to try to open the safe using your passcode. The safe will disengage the old system and open the safe if everything is okay.

# Method 2

Resetting Your Passcode

Checking back panel of the electronic element: You have to search for a hole behind the safe. It could be in the back or at the bottom of the safe. Then use a flashlight and try to see inside if there are any wire or electronic components.

Insert a wire coat hanger to check the holes: Now, you’ve got to get a wire coat hanger. Just unwrap it, straighten it and insert it into the opening so that it can reach the electronic component. But make sure that you do that gently. Otherwise, the interior wire will be damaged.

Press the reset button: Now, try to figure out the reset button in the control panel using a flashlight. It should be a black small button on the control panel. Use the wire to push that reset button. You’ll listen to a beep sound after pressing the reset button.

Enter a new passcode: After the beep sound, you’ll be able to put a new passcode. Just put a new passcode that you can remember easily. If necessary, you can write down the passcode in a notebook or on your phone.

Confirm the new code: To confirm the new passcode, find out the set button just beside the reset button. Press that button to confirm the code.

Open the safe using a new passcode: Now, you can remove the wire and try to open the safe using the new code. Hopefully, the safe will open.

# Trying Other Solutions

Using a knife: You have to take a sturdy knife and put the tip inside the keyhole. Wiggle and shake the knife to disengage the system. Hopefully, the safe will be opened.

Using a screwdriver: While using a screwdriver, you’ve to place the safe on a plain surface. Now, insert a flathead screwdriver and twist it anti-clockwise until hearing the beep sound. When you feel the locking mechanism broken, open the safe door.

Using a drill: If you fail with everything before, you can use a drill to break the locking mechanism. Just take a power drill to drill the keyhole until the slot breaks completely. Once the lock disables, you are all set to open the safe.

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