10 Fun Free Things to Do in Dallas TX


Dallas is a great representation of everything that Texas has to offer in a sleek-looking city. If you’re planning a visit, you’ll be happy to know that there are also plenty of free things to do in the city. Both fun and inexpensive, a trip to Dallas doesn’t need to break the bank.

Read on for the things you need to do next time you visit Dallas, including an adult twist!

1. Dallas Museum of Art

For museum and art enthusiasts, the Dallas Museum of Art is the perfect opportunity to take advantage. As one of the biggest museums in America and dating back to the dawn of the 1900s, this acts as a glimpse into history. Pieces from around the country are highlighted and provide endless inspiration for any visitor.

2. White Rock Lake Park

No trip to Dallas would be complete without making the excursion to White Rock Lake. Whether you want to bike, walk, or sprint on your vacation, you can do it here – for free! Despite the city-like feel of Dallas, it boasts a nice variety of wildlife, and this getaway can help offer a sense of the piece.

3. Deep Ellum

Those who love eccentric vibes will love visiting Deep Ellum. Fitted with live music and an abundance of public art, you can plan to spend hours down here. While some shows may require tickets at low prices, feel free to roam the streets and take in some of the most notable pieces in the city. From chill days of sightseeing to intense nighttime fun, Deep Ellum is the place to be.

4. John F Kennedy Memorial

This free opportunity is a great way to gain a glimpse into the past. Located downtown and created in 1970, the monument acts as a memorial for the life and legacy of JFK. If you’re making the trip to Dallas, be sure to stop at this memorial for an insightful experience. Pair this trip with a trip nearby at Dealey Plaza, the spot where JFK was assassinated.

5. Dallas Farmers Market

Farmer’s markets are the perfect weekend morning activities. While it won’t cost to get in, you may want to bring some cash for all of the delicacies! Local flowers, foods, and art, what’s not to love? Dallas Farmers Market is the perfect way to experience the city from a local’s perspective.

6. Galleria Dallas

Looking to do a little shopping? The Galleria Dallas offers dozens of choices to help fulfill that. The options may not be as eclectic as what you’ll find in the art neighborhoods. Though, you can’t beat a cool megastore with everything you need all in one place. Plus, you don’t need to spend to enjoy the shops – simply take advantage of window shopping and the air conditioning!

7. The Bishop Arts District

If you’re looking to experience the artsier side of Dallas without entering a museum, Bishop Arts District is perfect. This spot is a selfie paradise with plenty of murals and street art to capture. There is plenty to eat and drink nearby, including small shops with decadent desserts and full-on barbecue joints!

8. McKinney Avenue Trolley

Both functional and fun for a short jaunt, the McKinney Avenue Trolley can be an entertaining way to get back and forth. Uptown or downtown, you can travel to places across the city without spending too much on rideshares. Once you are dropped off, you’ll be able to explore at a pace that works for you!

9. Pioneer Plaza

Nestled in Pioneer Plaza are dozens of cattle sculptures that act as echoes of the past. Here you can take a short walk to soak in, including Dallas Heritage Village. Both spots provide a ton of information with amazing imagery to keep things interesting.

10. Unwind

Texas allows for medical marijuana use, and Dallas may be the perfect spot to take advantage. You don’t need to be a resident, and the signup process can be quick and easy online. If you’re looking for something to round off your adult, fun-free Dallas day, consider applying for your medical marijuana card in Texas– approved or free!


Dallas is full of fun things to do that can fit any budget. Whether you’re looking to soak in the beauty through long walks or relax while soaking up the sun at the park, there is plenty to do.

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