Quick and Easy Instagram Story Ideas for Businesses

Did you know that there are now over two billion people who use Instagram at least once a month? Instagram, a photo and video-sharing social media app, is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to share content on the Internet.

Have you ever wondered how you can increase engagement with your business on Instagram? Here are some Instagram story ideas for businesses to help you get started.

Tag Your Location

Instagram Stories has a feature where you can tag locations on a map. This can be a great way to promote your business because you can give followers an exact location.

If your business is registered on smartphone map services, it should pop up when you start to type it in on the creation screen. You can also change the font and the size of the location, depending on how discreet you want it.

Ideally, you should make sure the location name is visible and clear, but that it does not interfere with the main content of the story.

Utilize Hashtags

Do you have a unique hashtag for your business or industry? If so, then you should definitely use it in your Instagram story. Similar to location tagging, you can type in a hashtag that will direct users to all content that uses the same hashtag.

You should try to create a hashtag for your business only so that you can monitor content online and see how many people engage with your posts. If you buy Instagram followers, your account may get even more engagement.

Design a Poll

One of the best new post ideas for an Instagram story is to put a poll inside of the story itself. This will keep users engaged and you can get a good idea of how users interact with your content.

You can do a preference poll with two options, or a yes and no feature. If you want to take it a step further, try adding in a quiz. They can see the right answer out of four options once they tap in their guess.

Use Special Effects

The Instagram story feature has many special effects that can make your content stand out. One of the most popular is called the boomerang, which shows a brief video played back and forth.

You can also use filters to create a black and white image, grayscale, or simply adjust the lighting to make it look much more appealing.

So Many Instagram Story Ideas for Businesses

If you want to use Instagram for your business, you should not have to feel overwhelmed with the possibilities. With these Instagram stories for businesses, you can design a social media campaign that will get you more customers in no time.

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