How To Buy the Right DID Number Service?

There are a lot of existing kinds of phone numbers (virtual and standard) nowadays that can eventually support the growth of your prospering business. However, among the availability, which one would you choose? Freeje is here to help you understand one of the options: buy DID numbers. First time hearing it yet? We’ll help figure it out for you.

What is a DID Number? 

DID is a direct dial in or sometimes known as DDI. DID means direct inward dialing.  It is an internet telephone jargon for the real telephone number where every client needs to accept calls from the traditional telephone networks. DID is a special type of a virtual phone number which is used usually to accommodate high-quality calls from international clients.

How is DID Different from POTS?

Direct inward dialing is different from the Plain Old Telephone System in different ways. When using the old system numbers are only unique within a certain area. This means that one’s number from New York can be similar to the one in Los Angeles but with different area codes. This way it can be confusing and misleading to clients who are not so familiar with the numbers identity. So, better stick to the unique DID number offered by Freeje. Further, a DID number can give you a better chance in business even if clients are based internationally since it offers a specific location with the given area code, which means that your business can compete with other local businesses. 

Attracting customers internationally is a struggle these days. International clients are hesitant to pay international call rates just to communicate their enquiries but with a DID number, international calls are treated as one of the locals through the office PABX. Calls made to the DID number will be treated as if a local call from the callers location instead of your business’. This means they will be charged but according to their location’s local rates.

Selecting The Appropriate DID Number Provider

Common phone number users cannot simply use DID numbers since these are not provided for them directly but rather sold to VoIP companies and traditional telecom companies. These companies are the ones you need to reach out to just like Freeje Optimum if you want your business to experience the benefits.

After signing up, the provider will allow you to select the number of virtual numbers your business will be needing and their specific area codes. If you are planning to use a vanity number that uses words on keypad or toll free numbers just make sure that your VoIP or telecom provider makes them available as well.

In reality, some service providers may not have access to the numbers you want but eventually will be able to source them as soon as possible using an account with another DID number provider. So before concluding which company to choose, make sure they offer the right functionality and services you need.

DID number providing companies choose their provider based on a number of reasons: the availability of the numbers and how these are provisioned, price, and number range. This does not mean that if one VoIP service would not be able to provide the DIDs you need the other options may fail as well. Freeje is confident to give you the right DID number servicing. 

VoIP and telecom service do not install DID numbers directly to your business phones but rather will give you the access to their online console where you can be able to choose where and to allocate the provided numbers.

With the access, you can install an app to your mobile phone or desktop to use for answering incoming phone calls. If by chance you have both computer and phone and the app is both installed, this should cause the app to ring on both devices and you can choose which device will be used to answer the call. Using these methods will surely be mostly similar to using the traditional telephone system.

Buying DID Numbers

Buying DID numbers is easy. You can actually wholesale them if you need many of it. Wholesale DID companies are all over the world. Basically, software providers like VoIP in call center businesses offer virtual DID number services to their customers. This means that they are the real wholesalers of DID numbers.

You can actually buy DID numbers using bitcoin. To give you a basic definition of what bitcoin is, this is a type of digital currency which is managed by a central bank or an administrator. Bitcoin is the futuristic concept of online money transaction but is not used by most people.

Affordable DID Numbers

Every start-up business is still struggling in making returns and wants to spend on necessary things cheaply but with the worth-it quality.  So, Freeje offers budget-friendly virtual numbers that will eventually help you in getting to your clients. Interested? Visit our website and talk to us.

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