Step By Step Process To Embed Instagram Stories On Website

Instagram story is a feature of the app that lets users post videos and pictures that disappear after 24 hours after being posted. This is one of the most trending and highlighting features of Instagram.

Statistically, there are approx 500 million daily active stories worldwide. Stories drive more engagement because they’re less curated.

With such a large number of users using it on a daily basis, just imagine the benefits it will deliver if you embed the same on your website!

Thinking about how to do it? Then don’t worry. You’ve landed at the right place.

This blog will guide you through it.

This blog will give you step-by-step processes on how to embed Instagram stories on your website. Keep reading below to know more about it.

Steps To Embed Instagram Stories On Your Website

1.   Sign Up To Any Social Media Aggregator

First things first. You need to create an account or log in to the existing one on the social media aggregator tool you’re using. There are many social media aggregators available like Taggbox, Tagembed, Embed Social, etc.

2.   Choose Your Platform

After signing up on the social media aggregator tool, the next step is to choose the platform whose content you want to embed on the website.

In the dashboard, choose the option of Add Social Feedsto get the Instagram stories widget on your widget.

After clicking on the create widget, a pop-up would appear showing all the social media platforms that the tool offers.

You can choose your platform from here. For instance, Instagram business.

3.   Select Your Connection Type

After choosing your platform, a next pop-up would appear showing a variety of connections to create an Instagram feed like hashtags, handles, mentions, tagged, and stories.

Simply choose the connection type i.e  Instagram stories and click on create the feed.

4.   Connect To Instagram

After clicking on the option to create a feed, you will be redirected to the secure authentication process.

Here you need to fill in all the required credentials of your Instagram account. Once your connection is created, your Instagram stories will be visible.

5.   Design and Customize

Here comes the most interesting part of the entire process. As per your need, you can even customize and design the feed.

 There are many social media aggregator tools that provide a variety of creative customization options to enhance the overall look of your website.

To make the stories feed look eye-catching, you can change the layout, fonts, colors, or implement your design with custom CSS.

There are many tools that give an advanced moderation filter too wherein you can choose what to display publicly. You can even remove irrelevant and inappropriate content to offer the best quality content to visitors.

6.   Generate Embed Code

After completing the above processes, go to the widget editor and click on the publish button. Once you do that, another pop-up will appear.

Now as per your requirement, choose the website building platform, for instance, Worpress, HTML, Shopify, Weebly, and so on.

Select the get code option. Now a code will appear that can be easily copied to the clipboard. You can even change the height and width of the embedded code. There are various tools that offer such an option.

7.   Embed Instagram Stories On The Website

Log in to your website and paste the generated code at the backend of your website where you want to display Instagram stories on the website. Publish or apply the changes. And you’re done.

Since now your Instagram stories are embedded on the website, see how beautifully your website grows.

There are multiple benefits of embedding Instagram stories on your website.

Benefits Of Embedding Instagram Stories On Your Website

Below is the list of some advantages to give you a better understanding of how helpful they are.

1.   Enhances Website Vibrancy

Instagram offers a variety of customization options while posting stories. Embedding such customized Instagram stories on your website will throw away the boring look of your website.

Attractive visuals are the best elements to enhance the vibe of your website. The best part about Instagram stories is that they not only display images but also videos, boomerangs, and much more.

Showcasing a variety of visuals helps in increasing the vibrancy and shoots up the dwell time of your website. 

2.   Increases Sales And Conversions

By embedding Instagram stories on your website, user engagement increases. If you display UGC through Instagram stories, people will find your brand’s products and services genuine.

This will lead to building up the user’s trust. This is very important as it will help in word-of-mouth marketing.

This chain finally ends with more traffic on your website resulting in to increase in sales and conversions.

3.   Cost And Time Effective

This is a new form of advertising. Unlike other methods that demand a lot of your time and money to advertise your brand, this is the most cost and time-effective way.

You do not have to spend huge amounts of money on the brand promotion because you are able to bring your Instagram users to your website too. Also, it is very easy to embed and does not require much of your time.

Over to you!

So this was a complete guide on how to embed Instagram stories. This blog also provided you with some of its advantages.

If you’re a brand and have not embedded Instagram stories on your website yet, then you are surely missing out on a great opportunity.

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