11 Best CouchTuner Alternatives/ Sites Similar to CouchTuner

As per the current statistics, the number of users who used the internet between 2005-2017 was calculated to be almost 3.58 billion! With the number of netizens, and the cable TV being dated. It only makes sense to have access to entertainment online. Here we have mentioned 11 best CouchTuner alternatives.

The service such as Netflix and Amazon Prime video are broadly famous for the online streaming. What so ever these charge a monthly fee that not all of us are agree and comfortable to spend. Hence, CouchTuner, Unfortunately, free services like CouchTuner don’t bother to operate legally and get into any kind of trouble for giving pirated content. The laws have become quite stringent and authorities, these are specially in the UK, have been tracking and following down such services on account of copy right content.

sites similar to couchtuner

Just before proceeding onto the alternatives, let me provide you a small background about CouchTuner.

What is “CouchTuner”?

This was launched in 2010, This is a TV series streaming website that provides unlimited content, for free. People can easily launch the site and tap on a title to just start the streaming. The homepage contains tabs like “New Releases” “TV Listening” and “Search Show”. for a hassle-free browsing experience.

There’s not any need to subscribe or register an account in order to use their services. The CouchTuner does have a few drawbacks. Secondly, the preface is not the best and it has a deficiency of efficient organization of content.

Therefore, we’ve combined a list of the Top 11 best alternatives to CouchTuner.

11 Best & Latest CouchTuner Alternatives [ 2018 ]

Putlocker.fm :

Putlock has achieved a great hype of fan followers ever since its launch, The credit goes to a massive library of movies as well as TV series. Just to provide an idea some of the most famous movies on the site are Justice League, Thor, Dunkirk, and War of the Planet Apes. You are allowed to download and watch hit TV Shows like Big Bang Theory and others. With the help of these titles you might have already spotted that Putlocker features many of the best and the most recent titles so that you must check this out if you are a movie and TV show lover.

putlocker.fm website

Remember that Putlocker offers pirated content for free, so there’s always a chance of a risk of getting malware onto your device or getting in a trouble for consuming copyrighted content. In addition with this there are ads that cannot be denied but in the comparison with the other free streaming services, these ads are lesser in number.

Another plus point for this is that it requires not any kind of the registration process. you may also request the operators to upload a title that you want to watch and is lacking in the library.

Cucirca :

It has quite same function to CouchTuner and displays only TV Shows. If you are a lover of binging on popular TV Serials like Sherlock Holmes, Game of Thrones, Pretty Little Liars and many more, then you are in for a treat. This is totally free of cost….!!!… 😀 enjoy it.Cucirca

Just in case if you are searching, Cucirca is technically not an illegal services as it does NOT host any of the content on it’s own server. Rather, it’ll pull up links to other sources that contains the content you are trying to access. Another drawback or the negative part is that the web design and interface is significantly poor terms of images and there aren’t lots of categories. Besides all, it’s still a great service for TV-watchers especially for those who love CouchTuner.

The Dare TV :

The Dare TV is yet another great TV streaming service that is almost same to CouchTuner. This service also features movies titles, albeit very limited. This site has almost 30 sub-categories/filters for the TV shows and almost 26, for movies. You can search any kind of movie that you desire. these might include Fantasy, Horror, Crime or any comedy.

the dare tv homepage

The display of the home screen is a list of shows as per their on air schedule on other streaming sites and TV channels. It displays as well other categories like “Recently Added Shows” and “Recently Updated Movies”. As same as Putlocker, the Dare TV also let’s you send your requests to watch. If you want to choose one best alternative to the CouchTuner this would be the best.


It’s another best for streaming TV series. Besides to be in the risk-radar as far as copyright authorities are concerned, this service has managed to stay in the game by moving its domain many times and making the proxy sites for every user to avail the service.

project free tv site

This site has a huge gallery of old as well as new TV shows like the Walking Dead, Gotham, or How to get away with the murder, and many more. In the comparison of Cucirca, this site also fails for the design of the front as there are few images to display.

The layout divisions aren’t as neat or efficient as legal services like TubiTV. But you can still browse by the fame if you’re  little confused as to what to choose.

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Tubi TV :

It’s also a well-renowned service that come sunder the online streaming microcosm. Can you guess what’s new? Not it’s just  free but it also legit at the same time. Recently the site has a collection of over 7,400 titles that includes movies, documentaries and TV shows.


The content in this site is well-curated and arranged in an creative manner under the categories such as Most popular, Comedy, Horror and many other like Indie Films. Note that you wouldn’t find many latest releases this is so because after all it is a free service. The service is gained on multiple platforms that includes Roku, Xbox, select Smart TVs, Apple TV and iOS/Android devices.

Watch Series :

Watch Series has been there for about the actual time as of the CouchTuner and therefore is reliable. with a broad database of TV series that includes popular ones like Vikings, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, any many more. Though it does have a division for movies you wouldn’t really find or see many latest  or same titles since the most of them are detailed documentaries.

watch series 2.0 snippet

All the home page displays all the categories in a tidy fashion, on the left side of the home page. Another plus point is that the watch series is that they  update the content sooner than most other services so if you want to take you to take it in your hands on the latest episode, let’s check this site out.

CMoviesHD :

It’s another amazing free streaming  service with an excellent site design and preface. The homepage is quite impressive, and eye-catching. It’s color scheme, a slider display all the recent additions are just beyond amazing.


As you move further and scroll down, you’d see that the content is thoughtfully spotted into different categories such as “Suggestions”, “latest Movies” and further Requested Movies. You can also find your desired movies by the filters like Movies, Top IMDB, Cinema and many more. This site is reachable from many other countries that includes the U.S, France Japan and other countries like UK South Korea and Germany.

You can in fact tap a specific country to see content that is specifically curated under the lining of the audience.

The Series Online :

This is a great alternative that uses the same modus operandi as CMoviesHD, with a little weak design and preface. Simply just key in the movie or in the TV Show title or on other hand you can even browse by different categories that are a ditto copy as of CMoviesHD.

the series online site

You don’t need to register here as well, as it is recommended that you do if you desire to get regular updates on the latest episodes.

Café Movie :

It’s one of our very personal favorites. The homepage features a hamburger-style icon on the top-left corner. Once you have tapped on it, it shows all the list of movies or TV shows according to the categories. Yes it offers movies as well. Many of the most watched movies or Serials are mentioned ahead. like, Sherlock, 13 Reasons Why, Logan and many many more.

cafe movie homepage

The major thing that is different in Cafe’ movie is that it offers the streaming in many different languages as well. Besides everything, it displays a disclaimer, prompting you to turn on a VPN service. We recommend you to subscribe to one of it you haven’t already. This is one of the way to keep your IP address protected.

Alluc :

The basic aim of Alluc which basically is pronounces as all you see is to give free media streaming. It’s way of generating is a tad bit different from other services listed here. These are then examined by the site admin before finally being published for public consumption.allucSome of the sources to which you’ll be re visiting are YouTube, Daily motion, and the like. You can stream both, movies as well as TV series.

Veoh :

A decent CouchTuner alternative which in fact also provides as a source to Alluc. Rather than TV Shows, you can also stream movies, music and videos. ranging from numerous genres and topics. To boot you can even upload a video that you wish to share among the fellow users.veohhttps://www.intech-bb.com/couchtuner-alternatives-sites/However you might register an account if you desire to. This site also has a forum where users can discuss movies/TV series and posts reviews to guide others.

Final Words

I hope that you loved the article about 11 CouchTuner Alternatives/ Sites Similar to CouchTuner. This list will help you to stream your favorite media content for free. Still if you are facing any query then contact us in the reply section. Keep visiting our blog Tech Inside to get more updates about best CouchTuner Alternatives.

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