Citibank Card Activation Online Procedure

This process of Citibank card activation is presented to activate your and even a master card online that is just a phone call away. You can easily activate your Citibank credit card, or debit card at these two mentioned url’s and

Citibank card activation

Here in this article you are provided with the Citibank Credit Card PIN Generation :

After this you are just supposed to focus on the instructions provided in brief for Citibank card activation. There are two possible ways that are provided for the activation of the credit and debit card.

  1. Citibank Cards Activation Online.
  2. Citibank Cards Activation Over A Phone Call.

Online activation of the Cards

If you desire for the Citibank card activation, you have to follow some of the following steps that are mentioned below. And also, you should be having a contact between internet and any other gadget like mobile or laptop.

  • Visit the URL that is present at .
  • Now, insert the card number. Do not use the public or shared computer dor some of the security reasons.
  • Insert your Security Code.
  • Last 4 Digit Of your Social Security Number or you can enter Employee ID Instead.
  • Tap On continue.
  • Take your card now, and here enter your PIN twice.
  • Congoo..!!! Buddy, you have successfully activated your credit card online.
  • Your card will be activated soon.

Citibank Card Activation Online

If you are having any internet interruptions in it’s connection then you might have some issues while the activation of the citi credit or citi debit card online. So for the online procedure you are suppose to have some good and honest internet connection. After these mandatory things, you can easily activate the credit and debit card online. Following are the mentioned rules :

  • Dial a phone number 1-860-210-2484..
  • Choose your language which is suitable for you.
  • Give your card details to verify.
  • Your card will be activated soon!!!

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