When Is It Time to Invest in Career Opportunities in PCM?

After finishing high school, most people move on to what? Where do you see the most job growth for people with pcm career options? When I graduate from PCM in 12th grade, what should I major in? Science Majors After High School: Where to Go from Here? How can I get a job after high school that pays well? 

Such inquiries tend to put pupils on edge. 

There are thousands of professional courses available, making it harder than ever to decide on a career path. Jobs in the fields of physics, chemistry, and mathematics (PCM career options) are plentiful, though. 

Career Opportunities After Completing a PCM Degree Programme

It’s well-known that persons having a 12th pcm career options can choose from a wide variety of promising professions. However, few individuals are aware of what occupations are in most demand, much less which ones offer the best opportunities for advancement and financial security. 

To that end, I have created a list of today’s most sought-after jobs to give you some ideas.

Online Advertising 

You spend how much time on social media? If this describes you, you should look into digital marketing as a profession. This is a realistic possibility for someone with a high school diploma and a focus on PCM.

Digital marketers work to raise brands’ profiles in the online world. Included in this category are responsibilities like tracking KPIs, managing sponsored ads and SEO, developing social media strategies, investigating the competition, and so on. They’re working to boost their number of leads and number of customers who end up buying.

Professionals in digital advertising frequently collaborate. Since you will be assisting the organization with its branding and graphic design, creativity is essential in this profession. In a similar vein, you’ll use a variety of technical tools and data to assess how your business fares in comparison to the competitors.

Opportunities for online researchers, data analysts, SEm specialists, SEO professionals, etc., are on the rise in the field of digital marketing, which is of interest to graduates of the 12th pcm career options and job alternatives. 

Ableness to:

Optimization for Search Engines

Promotion through search engines (SEO)

Marketing with content 

Advertising on social media


Online video promotion, etc.

How much money can you expect to make?

Your starting pay should be approximately Rs. 3.5 LPA. The average salary is $460,000 per year, but with the appropriate balance of education and experience, you may increase it to $86,000 to $120,000 per year. 

As a digital marketer, your salary is highly contingent upon your level of expertise and professionalism. For example, digital marketers who demonstrate exceptional proficiency in marketing communications can see a 50 percent rise in pay. For instance, a social media optimization expert may make 30% more than an expert in ad research.

If you’re interested in digital marketing, you should get some training in the subject. InsideAIML, for instance, has an AI-driven digital marketing course. It’s the only DM course in India that focuses on using AI and DS principles in the creation and management of marketing projects.  

Machine learning-based technology

Learning by machines is a cutting-edge scientific discipline. The fact that it aids businesses in creating self-sufficient, learning solutions is largely responsible for its expanding popularity. Facial recognition, autocorrect, Google Assistant, and Amazon’s purchase suggestions are just a few examples of the commonplace applications of machine learning. 

Engineers with experience in machine learning create these systems. Research, development, and implementation of automated artificial intelligence systems are the primary focuses of machine learning engineers. Data scientists, engineers, analysts, and administrators work together frequently. They can enhance their implementation by examining various data sets and creating models for doing so. 

Maybe they’ve spent years perfecting machine learning models and applying them to real-world issues. Engineers specializing in machine learning can work in fields as diverse as software development, transportation, manufacturing, and the arts.

This is a great pcm career option to explore because the sector is expanding and there is a high demand for skilled machine learning workers. 

Exposing a Fallacy It is not necessary to spend four years in college to become a machine learning engineer. A machine learning engineering degree can be earned in as short as six months to a year by enrolling in a concentrated program of study. 

To better serve their clients, businesses as diverse as banks, department stores, airlines, and event planners are implementing machine learning algorithms. As a result, there has been a rise in the need for machine learning-savvy engineers. 

Many new jobs have been made possible by the extensive implementation of AI in this sector across India. If you want to find a pcm career options job that pays well, you should consider a career in machine learning. 

For these reasons, India has a severe shortage of machine learning engineers.

reduces the possibility of an error being made. 

reduces the importance and stress on employees. 

increases technicians’ output, which paves the way for businesses to switch from more manual data interpretation techniques to machine learning. 

allows experts to spot anomalies in streaming data on the cloud, speeding up research.

How much money can you expect to make?

A starting salary of Rs. For a business in India, 7 LPA is rather standard. The most a new hire can make is Rs. 12 LPA annually.

Experts in Apache Spark for machine learning can expect a 92% rise in salary. Those skilled in Amazon Web Services can anticipate a 40% salary premium over their peers. Deep learning, computer vision, and NLP are also highly desirable skills.

How to Succeed in the Field of Machine Learning Engineering.

To be successful in machine learning engineering, you need to have an in-depth knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, and the many real-world uses for them. Taking some courses in machine learning might be the best course of action.

InsideAIML offers a machine learning certification course that may be completed in six months and results in an IBM accreditation and job placement assistance. 

Technical Programmes 

Software engineering is a highly sought-after and lucrative profession in India. Feature development by software developers must adhere to the software’s design. They work with designers to build apps that solve problems for users or streamline processes. 

They work with the app’s developers to create a comprehensive list of the app’s features. The demand for this position will continue to rise as more businesses adopt digital and technical strategies.

They are often the ones tasked with creating new computer programs, mobile applications, and the like. Businesses can thrive with the support of virtual solutions. Astute programmers are also capable of solving issues. 

How much money can you expect to make?

The average income for a software engineer in India is Rs. 5,62,000. The average starting wage is between Rs. 5-10 LPA, however, this can increase to Rs. 20-30 LPA with time and training. 

Possessing knowledge in this field can result in a large pay raise. The average salary of a software engineer who is proficient in Haskell is 199% higher than the salary of a developer who is not. Experts in software architecture might see salaries 140% higher than average, while those in distributed systems could see a 153% increase in pay.

Data Science

Scientists specializing in data use algorithms and mathematical analysis to build models for prediction and classification. Through their ability to validate both organized and unstructured data, data scientists enable organizations to make more informed decisions. 

A four-year bachelor’s degree is the bare minimum for a career in data science. It’s not necessary, though. You can also get a data science certificate. 

For instance, InsideAIML’s Data Science Master Programme includes not only in-depth classroom education but also practical experience through an internship and a placement guarantee. 

How much money can you expect to make?

Specialist data scientists may focus on analysis, engineering, administration, architecture, statistics, business analysis, and other related fields. 

These are all well-paying professions. Data scientists can anticipate a starting salary of Rs. 8.5 LPA. Salaries begin at Rs. 5 LPA and climb to Rs. 15 LPA with experience, and with more than 5 years of experience, the compensation can easily reach Rs. 30 LPA. 

Possible Next Steps After Completing the PCM

  1. College Coursework in Chemical Engineering
  2. Degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
  3. Information Technology, Aerospace Engineering, and Mining Engineering Bachelor’s Degrees
  4. Btech refers to biotechnology.
  5. Bachelor of Technology in Food
  6. degrees in physics, chemistry, and maths at the undergraduate level
  7. Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  8. Marine Science Undergraduate Degree
  9. Bachelor of Science in Financial Data Science/Analytics.
  10. Academic Credentials in the Field of Computing
  11. A BBA is a four-year degree focused on business and management.
  12. Merchandising and Marketing of Fashion Bachelor of Arts
  13. Tourism Management Bachelor’s Degree
  14. Business and economics graduate
  15. Expertise in International Finance and Business
  16. Getting ready for a job in the fashion business
  17. Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture 
  18. Degrees in Product Design, Industrial Design, or Nautical Science Commercial Pilot’s Licence Education in Industrial design


Knowing what to do after high school graduation is essential for making the right choices for one’s future. Here is a rundown of several lucrative majors and job paths. 

When choosing a profession, you should prioritize what truly motivates and inspires you. Learn more about the occupations that will allow you to put your interests to good use. Better decision-making is the result.

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