Umrah Packages from the UK – Cheap Umrah Packages

There is a variety of Umrah Packages from the UK that you can hire and travel for the holy pilgrimage. Whether you are looking for premium packages or finding budget Umrah deals, Cheap Umrah Packages brings it all for you.

Cheap Umrah Packages is among the first presence of Umrah travellers who are on a budget. Since these packages are designed keeping in view the affordability, you get qualitative services at cheaper rates. However, there are a variety of cheap Umrah packages you can choose from. Such as;

Budget Umrah Packages:

For the pilgrims seeking the most economical Umrah travel and accommodation, budget Umrah packages are the best companions. The typical inclusion of such packages is basic accommodation, essential travel services, and transportation arrangements in the kingdom. Prices for budget Umrah packages can start from as low as £600 per person and go up to £800 per person. Therefore, making them accessible to a wide range of budget-conscious travellers from the UK.

Economy Umrah Packages:

Striking a balance between cost and comfort, Economy Umrah packages offer the pilgrims modest accommodations, and essential Umrah services, along with the additional flexibility to choose from different flight options of different airlines. For this, such packages are priced from £800 to £1,200 per person, as they offer affordability without compromising the essential comforts of the pilgrimage travel.

Group Umrah Packages:

Designed for larger groups travelling for Umrah together, the shared nature of travel and accommodation services in group Umrah packages provide overall cost savings. This is ideal for larger families or groups of friends travelling together for the holy rituals. Group packages bring the unbeatable Umrah travel costs for you, with an average price ranging from £700 to £1,000 or more per person i.e. depending on the size of the group as well as the package inclusions.

Last-Minute Umrah Deals:

Though not a guarantee, Last-minute Umrah deals offer discounted prices for individuals willing to book close to the departure date. However, this is only the case when there are plenty of unsold slots for Umrah travel. The exact price for last-minute deals for Umrah travel can vary but they offer savings of 10% to 30% as compared to the regular package prices.

Umrah Packages with Limited Services:

Umrah Packages with Limited Services are a type of custom-designed Umrah travel package that allows the pilgrims to tailor their travel, accommodation and other pilgrimage services as per their preferences and budget. The prices for such custom-designed Umrah travel packages range from a lowest of £500 to a highest of £700 per person.

Short Stay Umrah Packages:

If you are planning to offer Umrah rituals for a limited duration of time, short-stay Umrah packages offer the most convenient option for you. Depending upon the number of days you are planning to stay in the region, the prices for such packages can range from £600 to £900 per person.

Umrah Packages with Self-Catering Accommodations:

There are Umrah packages that offer self-catering accommodations for the pilgrims i.e. including kitchen facilities to enable the travellers to prepare their meals throughout their stay for added flexibility. Usually, such packages are priced around £800 to £1,200 per person.

Basic Transportation Packages:

If you just want a travel agency to arrange for your Umrah travel needs and not for the accommodation or other living facilities in the kingdom, basic transportation Umrah packages can be your choice. The core focus of these packages is to provide the pilgrims with round-trip flights and ground transportation for a simplified travel experience. Usually, these packages start from £600 and go up to £900 per person.

Umrah Packages with No-Frills Services:

No-frills Umrah packages help you strip down extras from tour travel and accommodation arrangements and offer a minimalist experience. Ultimately, ensuring cost savings. Prices of such packages start from around £500 and go up to £800 per person.

Umrah Packages for Students:

Lastly, student Umrah packages are discounted options that are specifically designed for students wishing to travel for the holy pilgrimage. Recognizing the budget constraints to provide an affordable solution, prices for student packages may start from as low as £500 to £700 per person.

So, you can choose from any of these cheap Umrah packages and get budget British Airways flights, accommodation and transportation facilities for your holy journey.

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