Creating an Efficient IT Compliance Ecosystem with High-End GRC Solutions

Many organizations manage their governance, risk, and compliance in isolated silos with inefficient legacy GRC tools. Yet, the ever-growing regulatory environment makes it imperative to manage risk and compliance with integrated solutions. The implementation of a unified GRC tool creates a wide range of benefits, including cost-efficiency, reduced rate of human errors, improved business operations, and optimized compliance processes.  

As compliance is one of the cornerstones of the organization’s security, this article will focus on the critical aspects of effective IT compliance ISMS management based on ISO27001. Moreover, we will review the major international security standards and examine the advantages of automated compliance.

Goals and Challenges of IT Compliance 

Business organizations process large volumes of sensitive information, which is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, data breaches, identity theft, and financial fraud. Safeguarding the data and mitigating risks is one of the primary responsibilities of modern businesses. Yet, during the age of digital disruption, as organizations become more comprehensive and multifaceted, maintaining compliance is a challenging task. 

IT compliance focuses on data control, protection, availability, and meeting the requirements for digital security. However, legacy IT compliance tools lack integrated communication and do not feature automated data analytics and monitoring. Most importantly, legacy tools struggle to keep up with regulations and standards that are constantly changing. Today, companies despite of their size need to comply with the principal security standards, which are: 

  • ISO 27001 

ISO 27001 standard is the framework for creating an efficient Information Security Management System (ISMS), which unites numerous security controls that serve as countermeasures against different types of cybersecurity risks. ISO 27001 provides guidelines for the security of HR, asset management, access control, operations, and communications security, incident management, business continuity, and more. Compliance with IS0 27001 will prove that your business is secure and trustworthy.

  • ISO 27002 

ISO 27002 is the supporting security standard from the ISO/IEC 2700 family that features a code of practice for security controls. Essentially, this is a complementary standard, which features precise guidance on the implementation of ISO 27001, and includes suggestions on how to address various compliance gaps. 

  • ISO 27005 

ISO 27005 is the standard for efficient risk management. It describes the processes of vulnerability identification, assessment, measures on avoiding cyber risks, and approaches to risk management reviews. 

The whole ISMS is shaped around mitigating risks, which is why it’s crucial to comply with the ISO 27005 standard. 

  • BSI IT- Grundschutz 

BSI IT-Grundschutz (presented by German Federal office for Information Security) is a collection of standards that form a framework for the protection of information security. IT-Grundschutz includes recommendations on processes, methods, and approaches that improve the security of applications, networks, and IT systems. This is a major standard to comply with if you want to create a robust IT compliance ecosystem.  

To accelerate compliance with the major security standards, while reducing costs and lowering risks, 

entrepreneurs can leverage advanced GRC tools that include automated compliance solutions. 

Benefits of Automated Compliance 

Automated compliance utilizes a sophisticated AI-driven system that unites data flows in a single control center and creates transparency across the entire compliance management system. Such solutions enable instant and error-free security checks and precise real-time risk assessments. Moreover, they facilitate compliance planning, auditing, and reporting. Automated compliance tools can create prominent business benefits by accelerating the major compliance management processes and excluding human errors. 


With the growing business complexity and ever-changing regulations, establishing an integrated IT compliance ecosystem is of vital importance. Compliance management can no longer be done in an isolated manner. To improve the compliance and risk management efficiency, break down the silos, and foster data integrity and safety, entrepreneurs must implement high-end GRC solutions. By adopting these solutions, you significantly simplify and accelerate compliance with major security standards, and prove yourself as a trusted business partner.

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