How do you know a credit card number is real or fake?

Credit card forgery is a massive problem these days. With so much advancements in technological platforms, hackers have updated themselves as well. How can you make sure that a particular credit card is legitimate or not? There are several methods to accomplish this task. Some of them are related to the physical attributes of the card.

The magnetic strip is one factor which shows the legitimacy of the card. This strip is made from a very specific material so if a card is fake, you would be able to confirm it by performing this check. There are other strategies of checking credit card originality as well. For instance, you can use the credit card validator for this purpose. It is a commendable tool which shows whether a card is authentic or not.

The credit card validator – the reason to use

The name of the tool clearly suggests that it highlights whether a card is legitimate or not. The number of frauds related to plastic money are increasing with time. Hackers and scam experts get illegitimate cards made after generating numbers through the credit card generator. It is impossible to check the authenticity of a card without using a tool. With a validator, you can get a confirmation whether a card is legitimate or not.

Protection for merchants and prevention from frauds

Running an e commerce website is not an easy task by any means. The only mode of payment accepted is through credit cards. Merchants can suffer large scale damages if a fake credit card is accepted without checking. Let us understand this point through an example. Consider that you are running an online clothing store and a customer uses a credit card number to make payment. During the process of claiming, you figure out that the card was not authentic and someone else has been charged. This obviously means that you would not get any claim from the related bank / financial organization.

  • The use of fake credit cards is very common these days. In addition to that, people who suffer the most due to these illegitimate acts are merchants. They accept the card without checking its validity. The problem starts when they claim the money. This is when they realize that a blunder has been committed by not validating the card. A lot of people running online stores do not have any idea of online frauds. They have the opinion that all cards meet the highest standards of authenticity.
  • If you are not using a card validator, it simply means that you are creating financial risks for yourself. Anyone can use a counterfeited card and purchase things. The important point to remember is that when people are buying something online, they are not present physically. As a merchant, you cannot even see them. Using a credit card validation tool is actually the only way to check whether you are getting counterfeited or not.

Complete free access to perform multiple checks

An online vendor does not have to deal with one or two customers during the course of the day. Reputed e-stores have thousands of transactions being carried out each day. It is obvious that a merchant cannot afford to use a paid application for checking the card originality. A fortunate thing is that these validation applications are free. As a result, merchants can check as many card numbers as they wish to.

Do users have to upgrade to a paid version after sometime? The answer to this question is no. This tool is free on permanent basis.  Whether you check one credit card numbers or 100 of them. No charges would be applied. For any merchant, it is a blessing to access a 100% free tool. He does not have to worry about the number of times he uses it.

  • Some online tools come with hidden conditions. Users do not have awareness about these terms when they begin the usage. They get to know about these terms after the trial version gets expired. This validation tool does not have any terms and conditions. It is absolutely free so users can perform an unlimited number of card checks.

Quick usage and convenient user controls

Why do some tools require users to spend more time on understanding? The logic is very simple. If a tool has complex options, the user would have to spend more time on understanding them, Similarly, if the features are easy, it would be very convenient for the user to understand them. It all depends on the specific tool being used. This tool has very easy options and all types of users can use them.

The following procedure needs to be followed by the users

Enter the card number for checking validation

There is a text box in which the user has to enter the desired card number. No other fields have to be filled by the user. Before you proceed to the last step, double check the card number. The tool would show an authentic card number as illegitimate so a final check is needed.

Understanding the output produced

Consider that you a credit card with the following number has been used for on online payment.


When you paste this card number in the appropriate field, it would show that the card is not valid.  The results are generated on the basis of four parameters and one of them is the Luhn Algorithm. It checks the validation of the entered number.


These days, people prefer buying things online and making payments through credit card. This ease of use has a flip side as well. People get counterfeited because illegitimate cards are used. A credit card validator is a top notch tool for merchants who sell things online. It helps them in preventing frauds and avoiding financial risks.

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