The benefits of modern CCTVs

Previously, one of the biggest problems in combating crime ratios was that there was no appropriate means of monitoring and hence surveillance was not effective at all. Despite installing CCTV security systems in certain areas, the problem remained the same due to the recording quality being poor. Furthermore, there was also not enough memory available to store recordings for future use.

There was no means for remotely reviewing footage remotely. If you were out on a holiday, there was no way you could ensure if your premises are safe or not. In addition to this, another drawback of the previously used systems is that they are pretty costly and were out of the reach for some. The scenario is totally opposite with modern security cameras; the price is reasonable. In fact CCTV installation services are comparatively cheaper than earlier.

Besides these, there are other benefits of modern CCTV networks that make them more effective than then standard analog security systems. They are as follows:

Higher resolution

The developments in CCTV technology have resulted in better video footage quality. Sharer recordings are particularly beneficial when it comes to a suspect identification. For prosecution purposes, clear image of the suspect is always required, and it has become easier with the use of modern CCTVs. Though there are numerous analog CCTVs that have Digital video recorder, but that does not guarantee as sharp image as that of a modern CCTV due to image conversion.

Remote viewing

The biggest advantage with modern CCTVs is remote viewing. You can be anywhere in the world and yet keep a check on your home in a matter of a few clicks. Modern Digital CCTVs can be connected to the internet that simply allows streaming of live footage either through an application of a designated website. It is a very useful attribute for travellers who travel away from their homes and need reassurance of the safety of their premises.

Easier upgrading

With old CCTVs, it was always difficult to manage upgrades as a whole cable was required to be connected from the camera all the way to the recording box provided that the video recorder accommodates multiple outlets. The modern CCTVs allow easier upgrading with a simple process. This can be done by connecting your digital camera to a network switch which saves money that you spend on the cables and saves the struggle.

Converging with Intruder alarm

The combination of modern CCTV equipment with an intruder alarm installation is the best possible security arrangement that can be made for your premises. What happens with that is as soon as an intruder tries to break in, an alarm gets triggered and you either get a call or a notification on your mobile phone. Following to which you can simply view the footage of your house remotely and verify if the alert was a false trigger or not. It is important to note that such upgrades are required to carry out by professional companies such as First Digital Surveillance who have been in the market for over two decades. Their vast experience is assurance of their reliability. Besides these, there are various other benefits of modern CCTVs mentioned earlier such as reduction in insurance premium, deterring criminals and intruders and getting sharp footage in affordable price.

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