Hire movers or move on your own, which is more profitable?

When planning a move, you may face the question whether to move on your own or order moving company services. How do you choose a reliable contractor? Can you trust movers to disassemble furniture and pack personal belongings?

Let’s learn about the pros and non-obvious aspects of moving with a moving company.

Moving on Your Own

By moving on your own, you access the following benefits:

  • after moving, you know exactly what is in what box;
  • significant savings of money.

Despite these advantages, it has some drawbacks. First, you spend a lot of personal time. Moreover, no one will compensate for losses in case of damage to furniture or appliances.

Moving on your own doesn’t allow you to save much, it’s an illusion.

Even here you have to involve movers, relatives, or a friend group and spend their resources. Getting such help isn’t always convenient.

What Makes Moving on Your Own More Challenging 

Wrong Vehicle Choice

When one vehicle isn’t enough for a move, it isn’t always possible to determine the number and types of vehicles to move.

Lack of Experience in Assembly and Disassembly

Doing a move on your own can damage your health and furniture during the move. To move some furniture through narrow doorways, you should first disassemble and reassemble it after the move. Lacking all the tools and the necessary experience, you can break or ruin your belongings.

Lack of Physical Fitness

People who transport belongings with their own hands are subject to tremendous physical strain. To protect yourself from muscle sprains, ligaments, bruises, and more serious injuries, you need to make a clear plan of action, make appropriate measurements, and consider all the nuances of the upcoming event. When carrying heavy loads on your own, you should distribute the load evenly on the body without overloading it. Otherwise, you can get a strong stretching, or, not holding the object, accidentally drop it on your leg.

Incorrect Arrangement of Belongings 

Stacking things in the back of the car, people arrange them chaotically, trying to fit in as much as possible, and not thinking about the threat to items put close to each other.

Lack of Packing

Many people neglect to pack furniture when they move or protect transported furniture by themselves, using improvised means. If belongings aren’t properly packed in transit, you can encounter unpleasant scratches, cracks, or chips.

Advantages of Moving With a Moving Company

By hiring a professional moving company, you get rid of the above shortcomings. Such services bring many benefits. 

The longest part of moving is preparing your belongings and furniture for the move. It can take you anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to pack all your stuff. Movers will pack your belongings, furniture, and appliances securely in a few hours. They do almost daily moving jobs, including packing, and the technology is perfected to the point of automatism.

Save time searching for packing materials, buying them, renting a car, and hiring an individual mover.

Moving companies provide everything you need for turnkey moving: specialists, transport, and packing materials. Thus, you don’t have to look for everything separately.

With expert movers that have a professional removalist in their team, you save time on coordinating the work during the move.

When arranging a move yourself, you have to constantly monitor the process, give instructions, and control people.

By turning to movers, you will pass all the hassle onto them. You will be able to spend the time of the move with comfort and benefit.

Safety and liability guarantee is another advantage. Trustworthy moving companies fix liability issues in the contract. Specialists will qualitatively pack fragile items (for example, dishes, lighting fixtures, paintings, and appliances), minimizing the risk of damage.

All in all, avoiding “disaster” when moving is realistic if you resort to a high-quality moving service. However, the question of choosing a reliable company should be approached competently: unscrupulous movers may cause not only unnecessary stress, but also spoiled property.

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