The Top 5 Most CPU Intensive Games!

Have you bought a new computer and wish to test its CPU by playing the CPU Intensive Games to see how well your computer can take the load of such games? Or in fact many people buy new CPU’s for their old PC’s and wishes to test their running capacity and the best way to do this is by running CPU Intensive Games on it. In this article we will talk about the Top 5 CPU Intensive Games that you can play to test your CPU’s or computer’s running capacity.

The Top 5 CPU Intensive Games

Before we start listing the top 5 CPU Intensive Games let us make a few things clear that all the below listed games are best when it comes to graphics, storyline and quality and there is no preference for one over the other. All these games are available for access from the PlayStation store or Steam.

1. Resident Evil 7

If you love horror stories, scary TV Shows and movies then you must try playing Resident Evil 7 which is the best horror games of all times. The game is based on amazingly realistic graphics and in fact for the first time a game worth generating goose bumps has been launched in the market.

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The main storyline of the Resident Evil 7 begins with you as someone who is an average normal human being roaming around in the dark mansion in search for his missing wife. To proceed ahead in this game you have to get rid of scary monsters, find technical clues and some hidden keys which will unlock various doors for next level in the game. The storyline of Resident Evil 7 opens the events in a very believable manner and if your PC runs on high power then you will definitely have a profound experience with this. Hence this essentially is one of the CPU Intensive Games that you must try playing at the lowest settings in case you don’t own a GPU.

2. Hitman

The name of the Hitman game explains it all and this is one of those CPU Intensive Games which is not only tough in regards of storyline but will never let you off the hook because in this game you have to get rid of the people in more of a cartoonish manner and friends this may sound boring however in no way is this a drawback in fact it is a benefit which sets Hitman apart from rest of the CPU Intensive Games.

When you play Hitman you will feel that your hands will often get tired however trust us this game is worth every pain you may face. You will be the Hitman in this game who must kill people to move ahead in the levels of the game and whenever you unlock a new level you will be assigned new missions.

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The main reason as to why we have listed Hitman in the list of CPU Intensive Games is because it is definitely a high power, heavy duty game. You can play this at an average lowest setting of 20fps and if you don’t have a high power GPU then unfortunately you cannot enjoy this game on your PC.

3. Tekken 7

If you are a fan of action filled games that are based on fighting then Tekken 7 should be your cup of tea. If you are familiar with any of the Tekken games then Tekken 7 will not feel strange at all because this is also essentially a one on one competitive fighting game where you need to beat your opponent just like you would in any street fight!

The best tool of Tekken 7 is that you can play this game even if you don’t have a GPU. If you own any latest CPU with Intel HD 520 or any other version of GPU then you can even play this game at fps setting of 50. You must tone down the Settings before proceeding to the game play.

4. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Really friends the ever green, the ever famous Call of Duty doesn’t need any introduction and its infinite warfare series takes you into a futuristic perspective of the world while the storyline of the game starts with how the human race on Earth has revolutionized their species on other planets while the warfare is between people of these planets and the people on Earth. This is one of the CPU Intensive Games that you can definitely use to test run your new computer or its processing unit.

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5. GTA 5

Call of Duty the GTA 5 just like any other Call of Duty game needs no introduction rather the series of Grand Theft Auto is sort of an all in one entertainment source. The game’s storyline is built upon shooting people to racing bikes to all other adventurous tools you may find in other games.

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The category title that is used to refer to such games is “Open world” games where you can control your actions. Many mission assignments will pop up again and again but there will not be any compulsion to complete them. GTA 5 is listed in the CPU Intensive Games but you can play this even on old GPU versions however it has to be a powerful one.

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