The NDS4iOS Download Guide without Jailbreak !

NDS is the abbreviation for Nintendo Dual Screen which is one of the most well recognized gaming consoles ever manufactured by Nintendo series. It isn’t a secret that many of us did grow up enjoying the famous games of Nintendo series Pokemon and Mario. Now if you were able to get those moments back again on your iPhone, wouldn’t you jump at the opportunity? Yes folks, this is indeed possible by the installation of NDS4iOS on iOS that too without jailbreak.

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However before we begin with anything, let us clarify you that the downloading process for NDS4iOScan be technical and you must follow a strict guideline for it to work.

How to Download NDS4iOS download on iOS 9 / 10 / 11 without Jailbreak and without a PC?

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  1. Get your iPhone or iPad connected to a stable internet access and launch your Safari Browser.
  2. Then press the download link ahead which will display a pop up window asking for your consent to move ahead with the installation of NDS4iOS on your iOS 9, 10 or 11 device without it being jailbroken. Tap on Install.
  3. When you will tap “Install”, another pop up will show up. Go back to the Home Screen at this point.
  4. A faded logo for the app will appear, you must enable the Air Plane Mode as the logo is still installing. You have to be extremely quick here.
  5. Finally when the NDS4iOS has successfully installed, you can turn off the Air Plane Mode and switch on the internet connection.
  6. Visit the section for Settings > General > Profile and Device Management where you must trust the profile developer under the name “Huizhou Rennibi Network”.

You have been successful in installing the NDS4iOS on your iDevice without jailbreaking it. Let’s now move on to adding games part so keep reading.

  • Video Tutorial :

How to Add Games in NDS4iOS ?

  1. Visit the App Store and complete the Downloading of FileMaster app.
  2. When the app has installed simply begin downloading your desired NDS game online. The following link will take you to a great website of NDS Games. Link
  3. Start your search for the NDS game you wish to play on your iPhone.
  4. When the downloading for the game is done, click the button that says “Open in” link and from there choose “File Master”
  5. In the File Master, click on the rar file for the game. You will be required to complete its extraction, so move ahead and extract this rar file for the game.
  6. Next, you will be looking at your desired game in the .nds file format. Click this .nds file and choose to zip it. The file will be zipped up in the same folder.
  7. Tap and keep holding the zip file that you just made and choose the button which says “Open with” in the menu.
  8. Look at the list of NDS4iOS app and choose it, this is where your game will be placed.

iNDS Emulator as Alternate for NDS4iOS without Jailbreak without PC

In case you cannot seem to get any of the above methods to work for you or if the NDS4iOS is something you don’t wish to use then there is an alternate option you can opt for. This is known as the iNDS which is basically NDS4iOS on hormones! All the gratitude goes to the Unlimapps and you can access all of these apps without having to jailbreak.

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  1. Visit the section for Settings and navigate to Safari where you must remove all of the browser history and cache.
  2. In the next step access this link using your Safari browser and you will be asked if you wish to proceed with the installation for the iNDS Emulator. Then hit the button which says Install.
  3. The process of installation will then start and will take a few minutes and soon you will be looking at the icon for the iNDS on your Home Screen.
  4. In the end access the section for Settings again and go to General then go to Profiles where of course you need to trust the Profile Developer for the iNDS.

Folks, you can use these methods for playing your favorite console games on your iPhone but you must remember that they can get revoked anytime and our website will not be responsible for it in any case.

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