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One of the high quality tire is known to be one of the factor that determines your car’s performance. This is so, so that each and every owner of their vehicles are suppose to decide so that they can easily purchase the good tires for their cars. So in the automotive business, you are here to find many of the tires brands. As in, you would be familiar with Michelin, Goodyear, BF Goodrich or Uniroyal. With the help of these such brands, you are totally familiar with the procedures. Let me also give you a good news that’s linked with the claim of a reward card just after you purchase these tire brands. For this, you have to access TireRewardCenter.


In case you have to submit the Michelin redemption, you are all free to check the status at fulfillment center. Here we are provided with some of the major of the points that will sure help you :

  • Remember that you said your reward just before the 30 days just after purchasing your tires. In case you have to claim after 30 days, you are easy to receipt and can have it.
  • You also have to wait for almost 4 to 8 weeks so that you can receive this reward card. Whenever this tire reward center is approved your request for the reward would be then sent to your address.
  • This is from the MasterCard debit card that contains $70.
  • Before the use of the card, you have to check the daily balance. For that you have to visit www.tirerewardcenter.com/rewardcard for it to track.

TireRewardCenter Procedure To Get Signed Up

Here we have provided you the procedure to get the completion of the access, just follow these number of steps that are provided below :

  • In the start you have to visit the TireRewardCenter official website ” Homepage “.
  • As you know that you are a new user, so for that the user is supposed to be registered first. For this you are suppose to finish the three main steps.
  • You have to insert the basic information.
  • Make your new password.
  • After the above steps, you have to choose the promotion.
  • Complete the data that is provided by you of your tire.
  • In case of any accident, you have to insert your vehicle information.
  • After all of the above steps, you have to submit the reward registration.

Contact Us

In case you desire to contact us you are free to contact by just dialing at 1 866 212 9619 so that you can easily talk with the staff members.

If you want to mail something, mail it on the provided to  Michelin Fulfillment Center. PO BOX 289, Milan IL 61264.

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