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Today we are here again with another process that is not a concern with any of the login procedure or survey. But today we are having an opportunity to have a detailed discussion on Spg Dashboard. If you are searching for an authentic site then you have landed at the accurate place to look for it. So I think that we should not waste much of our time now. Without the wastage, we should jump to the introduction of their past of history.

Spg dashboard

Introduction of Spg Dashboard

Do you know that these SPG launched a few time ago their dashboard? This dashboard enables all the members to track their yearly lifetime elite status progress. And also they can have an update about the number of countries and brands that are visited every year. Isn’t it sound way easier than any other procedure. You are having this much from this. Your mouth must get watery.. 😛 Hold on we have something more.

All the Dashboard users are also able to track the number of points that are earned from the actual or current expired promotion. They have already settled their targeted promotions recently and mine. Let me tell here that mine was just updated this week with a new one.

In case you want to directly to the Spg Dashboard, then you can simply click Here

Let us now have a look at the Terms and Conditions of a promo.

Terms & Conditions

An eligible candidate can easily earn almost 250 bonus starpoints by just looking and completing a qualifying still using the SPG member Exclusive rates by the date of September 9th in the year of 2017.

For the receiving of SPG member rates, the guests must have to book directly through a Starwood booking channel. This also includes the web booking engines, the SPG mobile app or even they can have a call at the provided number. 877-782-0108

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